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3 Effective Marketing Channels For Lead Generation

If there is something everyone buying marketing services agrees on, despite the industry or size of the company, it is getting valuable leads.

When competing with thousands and thousands of other companies in a world where people see up to 10,000 ads every single day, finding the right tools to capture the leads is essential. The right tools can help you to scale faster, discover new opportunities, and make connections with the right people.

Email marketing

The fact that email marketing still rules on the field of lead generation may come as a surprise for many. Email marketing has been around for a long time and while not done in a correct manner, it may feel spammy or even unprofessional. However, when done correctly, it is still an effective tool. Properly made, relevant newsletters are still in fashion and generate leads.

Before rushing head-first into making email marketing, remember that GDPR has set some limitations in email marketing since the wild days of the early 2010’s.

Social media

While email marketing might have come as a surprise, finding social media on the list should not be a surprise. Social media does not just allow you to capture new audiences with a relatively cheap price but also engage with the existing audience. Unlike with email marketing, the audience can be optimized throughout the campaigns, and various platforms offering different kinds of audiences and advertising types make it easy to find the best one for you – or even try multiple at the same time and then optimize the budget for the ones that generate the best leads.

The perks of social media do not end with just paid campaigns. Things such as social selling are effective tools brought to us by social media.

Pay-per-click (PPC) adverts

PPC is an online advertising type where a business pays a publisher every time their advertisement link is clicked on. Typically the term is used for search engines marketing (SEM), even though the same priorities also work for social media lead generation campaigns.

While both SEM and PPC may sound like tasks simple enough, it is wise to reach out for a specialist when getting started to make sure you are not paying for irrelevant keywords. At its best, PPC is done based on research and analysis and combined with optimized website texts.

Focus on the customers journey and content

Even when leads are the ultimate goal, the best results are reached when the customer’s journey is kept in mind and the content produced serves different customers in different stages of the journey. Even the best lead generation tools fall flat if the other key aspects are not taken into consideration.

Article courtesy of our content partner site Silicon Luxembourg


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