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4 Questions With AXA Group At VivaTech 2022

Author: Jess Bauldry

Insurance group AXA was among the organisations present at Europe’s biggest tech fair VivaTech in June.

This year, AXA had an impressive space at Vivatech. How many years has the group participated in this tech conference?

AXA has been a regular participant at VivaTech since its first edition in 2016. In 2022, AXA participated as a Gold Partner. This edition was particularly important to reconnect with the innovation ecosystem after COVID.

What were the group’s main goals in attending VivaTech 2022?

This year, AXA participated to present its latest innovative projects related to health and climate. This is in line with the Group’s raison d’être. Today, our clients, and society as a whole, are concerned about health issues and the consequences of global warming. This edition was also an opportunity to:

To launch the digital commercial to the market, and to allow the teams to meet potential partners to integrate the platform;

To continue the development of digital healthcare platform, with the meeting of potential clients and new health services to integrate the platform;

Promote the Climate School, which after one year of launch has convinced several companies to train their teams in climate transformation.

How long has AXA been working with technology startups and what kind of innovations or problems does it seek technological solutions for?

As a leader in the insurance market, AXA has been working with technology startups for several years. Through these solutions, AXA seeks first and foremost to improve the entire insurance value chain (pricing, distribution, claims, etc.) with a particular focus on solutions that optimise the experience of our customers. In recent years, AXA has made health (new digital services) and climate (development of solutions to reduce climate risks) two of its priorities for which collaboration with new technology players is essential.

Which startups is AXA currently working with?

Below is a non-exhaustive list of start-ups for which AXA Next teams have visibility (many startups not mentioned are working on a daily basis with the operational entities):

  • Healthcare: Mediktor, Ifeel, Thrive, Teladoc, Sensely, Dear employee

  • Insurtech: Case Law Analytics, Qantev, Shift, Akur8, Security Score Card

  • AI & Automation: Instabase, Omnius, Sprout.AI, Expert.AI

  • Fintech: Stratumn

  • Climate: Greenly, Cymo

Update courtesy of our content partner Silicon Luxembourg


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