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A Secret Society of Leaders in Entertainment and Web3

Author - Miles Colon

Is the Th3Syndicate the new Illuminate of the Entertainment industry?

Have you seen this logo showing up on IRL events, NFT drops, Red carpet and other high profile events around Hollywood and beyond?

I did, saw it on Steve Aioki’s Aokiverse Genesis event. With R3Hab and Laidback Luke and on the FutureShape360 landing page. with Deadmau5, Don Diablo private shows… and wondered WTF is this and why do I keep seeing it? I dug a big deeper. Here is what I found. (Spoiler, it’s really fucking cool and not so secret now)

There was a secret society of “leaders in the music industry” in Hollywood started back in 2014, 15 that would meet in this dingy little bar in L.A.. They called it NoizSociety and it was a music industry focus. When I dug deeper I found that some really fuggin big artists would roll in there and perform for like 80 people. Crazy mix or people of all ages… Images with #noizsociety hashtags had big artists, new to legendary, Earth Wind and Fire, Admin Van Buuren, Lil Dirk, LMFAO… Members of Pink Floyd, Janes Addiction even American Idol finalists, even the Director of the Simpsons… I was like WHHHAAT THE… I found all kinds of images floating around about it but couldn’t pin down who or why they started this thing.

In the pandemic it all shut down, no more images for obvious reasons. Zombie Apocalypse was afoot, no time to party. If you search #noizsociety and dig deep enough you can see some of these images that leaked. Images of Kevin Hart and I even found a video of Jocko Simms the actor from New Amsterdam (NBC) talking about meeting Verdine from Earth Wind and Fire on the Steve Harvey show. On air, Jocko leaked that the parties were thrown by “my friend Dylan Berry”! AH HA!! I dug deeper and found out that Dylan Berry (a Talk Show Host and 27 times platinum music producer) along with Hollywood Music in Media Awards founder Brent Harvey and a few other industry execs had started the the secret society… I was intrigued. The had cool rules like “only members can invite members and only one per event”… Some 007 vibes.

I dug deeper and realized that, one, this was cool as shit and two, that it had totally disappeared after the pandemic. Then I went to FutureShape360, a small community (and god awful expensive 5 ETH ticket) of leaders in Entertainment and Web3 and low and behold there was none other than Dylan Berry MCing the event! I peeped the website and there was the freaking Crest page left on the landing page! So yep, I put it all together. NoizSociety, Th3Syndicate, it was the same thing, just must have rebranded (ha ha). The room was full of leaders in the biz, private shows with Deadmau5, Don Diablo, DJ Skee was there from Dash Radio and it clicked.

Then it got even crazier. At the private event, the lights cut off and a video came on. A very Anonymous like video popped up with a deep voice, digital face, pitch shifted vocals… it was some pretty cool Hollywood sh*t. It turns out all the VIPS in the room were being inducted into Th3Syndicate. The room was a heavy crowd so it made sense. So now, I’m in Th3Syndicate! LFG!

In a world that rarely challenges you to have fun as an adult in this way, it was cool to be a part of this vibe and enter into a secret society (even though it is not that secret anymore)… After the event, Ben had the opportunity to interview Dylan and hoped he would tell us more about it. Here is the result of that interview.

Watch our exclusive interview with Dylan Berry here:

Special thanks to Ben Yurcisin our ParlayMe Tech Reporter who interviewed Dylan

About the Author

Miles is a Startup Product Manager defining and building what is value in Web3. After 4+ years in Startups and his first successful exit experience, he is a Product & Data evangelist. Miles is passionate about uncovering what drives a strong collaboration between customer and company, creating a clean UX for all parties involved. If he brings as much energy into user experience as he does the degen lifestyle and researching projects, we're all gonna make it.


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