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ANote Music Hits The Right Note As Beyoncé’s Father And Italian Entertainment Titan Join Advisory Bo

Author: Louis Juste

When your business solution impresses Beyoncé’s father enough to join your company as a Senior Advisor, you must be onto something.

Luxembourg-based ANote Music, the first real marketplace for investing in music royalties, has not only succeeded in impressing Mathew Knowles but also Carlo Antonelli, a well-known figure of Italy’s entertainment scene who will also be joining as a Senior Advisor.

“Since first meeting ANote at an industry event in 2019, I’ve been thoroughly impressed by Marzio and his team’s pioneering approach to alternative funding solutions for music rights owners. As a new era approaches for the music industry, I am excited to play my part in entrenching ANote’s role in it,” says Mathew Knowles, Senior Advisor of ANote Music.

“I’m excited to share my knowledge with the team as they help redistribute the financial balance in the music industry.”
A Global Expansion

As an entrepreneur, artist manager, professor and founder of Music World Entertainment, Mathew Knowles is a true multi-hyphenate. His list of accolades which include serving as executive producer for more than 100 award-winning, platinum and gold albums in multiple genres surely place him among the most qualified in the industry to help ANote Music in their global expansion efforts.

Previously editor-in-chief of the Italian edition of Rolling Stone, Wired and GQ, Carlo Antonelli brings his own touch to an industry out of balance. His experience as a record label manager and in the film industry make him a valuable addition to ANote Music’s Advisory Board.

“The buzz surrounding the listing of music from Le Vibrazioni and Zero Assoluto, as well as catalogues from publishers including IRMA Records and Benvenuto Edizioni really sparked my interest in ANote. I’m excited to share my knowledge with the team as they help redistribute the financial balance in the music industry, while also allowing music fans to connect with their favourite artists on another level,” says Carlo Antonelli, Senior Advisor of ANote Music.

Luxembourg’s Helping Hand

Well-known for its generous support schemes, the Ministry of the Economy of Luxembourg has also been a source of help for ANote Music. Indeed, the latter received €400,000 from the Ministry of the Economy through a research development and innovation programme. This funding puts ANote Music’s total amount raised at a not-too-shabby €1.5million.

Turning a well-established business model on its head is never easy, especially in an industry as regulated and privatised as the music industry. However, with two veterans of the industry joining them on their mission and a nice buffer of capital, ANote Music is primed for success.

About the Author:

Louis is a freelance journalist covering startups, the digital economy and anything else Charles-Louis lets him write about. He has a background in the environmental sciences and works part-time at a solar energy start-up in The Netherlands. He is also a ParlayMe Contributor

Article courtesy of our content partner Silicon Luxembourg


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