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Apple boss Tim Cook faces a scrutiny against a 73 million wage package

Apple boss Tim Cook is facing a shareholder revolt over his £73m pay packet. The chief executive, one of Silicon Valley's leading equality campaigners, has been blasted for the huge sum he was awarded last year.

Investors are asked to vote against the $ 99 million (£ 73 million) wage package awarded to Apple boss Tim Cook last year.

The Institute Shareholder Services (ISS) said there were “significant concerns” about the size of the award, up from $ 14.8 million in the previous year.

A top shareholder advisor has told investors to vote against his pay and bonus package, meaning he will be forced to defend earning the huge sums. Institutional Shareholder Services has 3,400 clients including some of the world's biggest institutional investors. In a letter to clients it said there 'is a significant concern' with Cook's pay package, the Financial Times reported.

Mr Cook, 61, who has often spoken publicly about his concerns over equality and human rights issues, said in 2015 that he would give away his entire fortune before he dies.

At last year's meeting, 95% of shareholder votes supported Apple's executive compensation programme.


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