Apple takes a small startup to court - because of a pear

The tech group is consistently careful that no other company uses logos that are even remotely similar to their own.

Now Apple is suing the small cooking startup Prepear for omission. The reason: The startup uses a stylized pear as a logo.

But Prepear does not want to bow to the pressure and has founded a petition against Apple's brutal actions.

The Californian tech company Apple manufactures smartphones, laptops and tablets and is one of the most valuable companies in the world. Prepear, on the other hand, is a small food blog startup with five employees. The only thing that the two companies have in common is that they both use a stylized fruit as their logo.

The uniqueness of the iconic apple logo is apparently so important to the Californians that they have now started a legal battle with Prepear for it. The iPhone manufacturer wants to bring about an injunction that Prepear is no longer allowed to use its pear logo, as the tech portal t3n reports.

The Prepear logo (left) is only vaguely reminiscent of Apple, as the following screenshot shows: The pear is difficult to identify as a pear. Shape, color and design are only vaguely similar. The only obvious similarity: it's about fruit.

Prepear does not want to bow to Apple's will

In the past, Apple has cracked down on other companies that used fruit as a logo because the company fears that it will damage their image. Apple has also already sued the logo of the Apple Route cycle path designed by the Rhein-Voreifel tourism association.

However, the startup Prepear does not want to beat itself so easily, even if Apple can bring the more powerful guns in court. Prepear has started a petition on the portal to draw attention to the methods in question by Apple: The startup has already gained around 16,000 supporters there.