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Blockchain Gaming, Metaverse and NFT focused Industry Event in Singapore - June 29-30

BlockPlayX is Asia’s key Blockchain Gaming, Metaverse and NFT focused industry event, happening in Singapore on

29-30 June 2022.

Showcasing a total of 8 exciting panel discussions and multiple workshops over two days,

BlockPlayX invites all, blockchain enthusiasts and normies, to join our stellar speakers lined up across GameFi projects, guilds/DAOs, venture funds, and consumer brands.

The curated programme covers topics that challenge Web 3.0 ideals and clearly identify pain

points in the web 3.0 space for deep dive discussions with established stakeholders in the


“We wanted this event to be an avenue where everyone can come together regardless of their background and/ or where they are at in terms of knowledge in Web 3.0. Everyone who

participates, we want to make sure they will leave the event with better knowledge, and get

connected to the right people within the industry.”, co-founder of BlockPlayX, Don Tsai says.

The vast partners eco-system for the event include established stakeholders such as Animoca

Brands, ConsenSys, Tribe, Spartan Group, Tencent, PwC, Volkswagen, Affyn, Metaverse Game Studios, Polygon Studios, Mighty Jaxx, Infinity Ventures Crypto, Youbi Capital, gCC Capital, Publicis, BreederDAO, and many more.

Best part, the knowledge shared at BlockPlayX is free for all.

Sign up now at


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