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CES Top Tech Picks by ParlayMe

One of the tech biggest annual events, CES took place last week!

With emerging fears over the spread of the Omicron variant this resulted in low numbers of attendees and some of the largest tech firms, including Meta, Google and Amazon not attending in-person.

But don't worry the event went ahead and there were still plenty of weird and wonderful tech announcements!

Here is a few that caught our ParlayMe teams attention!

First up a wifi- charging remote control

yup you heard it here first

Samsung decided this year smaller was better and released a remote that uses radio frequencies from wifi routers to self charge!

Chameleon Car

Have you ever wanted to change the color of your car to suit perhaps your mood or outfit

Never fear - BMW is here! The released exactly this - a car that can change colors

Its "iX Flow" technology is similar to that which powers e-book readers and covers the car in millions of tiny microcapsules.

It changes to a light color in hot weather and dark color in cold weather

Although this is just in concept stage still and only offers the colors white black and grey

Next level Hair

L'Oreal suprised all and revealed an at-home hair dye device called Colorsonic, which can be used to mix and apply L’Oréal Paris hair dye more easily and reliably than the DIY version of the last 115 years. L’Oréal first invented synthetic hair dye, with a product called “Aureole,” in 1907. As noted by Guive Balooch, global head of research and innovation at L’Oréal’s tech incubator, hair color formulation has since gone through significant innovation, but hair color application has not.

"The device delivers the right dose of hair color and applies it to the hair via an oscillating bristle nozzle that moves in a zigzag pattern ..."
“Colorsonic is a way to use technology to break some of the boundaries that people have when it comes to their fear of coloring their hair. That’s especially today, when we’re at home and want to do more things at home. We need to make people’s lives easier [when they] do it,”
“We knew we could digitalize the [hair-dye] experience and make it possible. We hope to disrupt both home and salon hair color with tech,”

said Balooch.

Colorsonic’s use will be contained to L’Oréal Paris products, at first, with distribution planned for the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023. The retail price has yet to be determined.


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