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Compete Impossible launches virtual athletic events platform with sustainable rewards

New app Compete Impossible is aiming to feed the appetites of millions of athletes all over the world who are missing competitive in-person events during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the first on-demand virtual events app for Running, Walking, Cycling and Swimming, the app encourages its users to beat boredom by competing with friends, followers, and members of the broader international network - and rewards them for doing so.

Founder Martin Lacey was inspired to create the platform after trying out traditional activity tracking apps. Finding them lacking in rewards, competition, and social connection opportunities. During the first global lockdown in April 2020, he was looking to set up a virtual race event with friends and discovered that none of the existing tracking apps had this functionality; nor did they offer exciting challenges. As an avid runner, cyclist and swimmer, Lacey wanted to incorporate accurate, shareable tracking with events, challenges, leagues, and rewards; all led by the users themselves.

A huge part of what makes the platform unique is its innovative global Rewards Marketplace. Essentially, Compete Impossible hosts multidisciplinary events, such as triathlons, duathlons, marathons, cycles, and virtual galas, alongside partners including independent retailers and charities. These partners offer rewards to participants in the form of discounts, promotions, and freebies. The ever-expanding Rewards Marketplace already boasts collaborators in the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, Sweden, the UAE, Germany, and India.

App users can build their own ‘pop-up challenges’ in seconds and invite friends to race or participate in long-term league. Activity can be tracked within the app or via a connected Garmin, Polar or Apple wearable.

Lacey explained, “Compete Impossible’s mission in the next few years is to encourage millions of athletes to build and participate in large-scale events all over the world. We want to be known as the best-in-class athletics app for users of any ability, helping them to stay active and achieve their goals. The app blends elements of HopIn, Zwift and Instagram to create a unique social platform, driven by our community.” Lacey stressed his commitment to ethical, sustainable partnerships, citing current agreements the business has established with vendors including Garmin, ICIW, Donda Cycling, Squat Wolf, Zone-3, Bio-Synergy and Scimitar.

With both public and private news feeds, and challenges aimed at athletes of all levels, Compete Impossible enables athletes from every corner of the globe to join the community, track activity, compete with others, and earn rewards from independent retailers. Now available in the App Store and Google Play, the app has several exciting events lined up over the coming months, including the world’s largest virtual triathlon in April.

About Compete Impossible

Founded in summer 2020, Compete Impossible is a London-based athletic fitness app which facilitates on-demand virtual and in-person meetups for athletes all over the world. Athletes joining the platform can track Running, Walking, Cycling and Swimming activity via the app or a connected wearable. Once signed up, users can participate in challenges hosted by Compete Impossible, create their own custom-made leagues with friends, and earn rewards from the ethical, sustainable retailers in the app’s Rewards Marketplace. Since hitting the App Store and Google Play, Compete Impossible has been downloaded in over 65 countries in just one month.


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