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Dream Big - Apple Vision Pro Product Review

Author: Curt Doty

Dream Big!

Hold onto your seats because Apple just unleashed their latest masterpiece upon the world: the Apple Vision Pro!

Brace yourselves for the mind-blowing blend of reality and digital nirvana.

😳 It's like a dream come true! 🕶

It is what I have been preaching for years, a dimensionalized interface with utility. Apple’s marketing brilliantly came up with a new category, A WEARABLE SPATIAL COMPUTER! Forget about VR headsets, so 2019! Based on my early morning anticipation, it will be a Video See-Through (VST) solution. Let's dive into some of the "fascinating" features this technological marvel has to offer:

· Get ready to ditch those clunky controllers because Apple has magically transformed your fingers into the ultimate input device. Who needs buttons when you can perform intricate hand gestures? Apple's finger tracking works flawlessly in every imaginable lighting condition, hand position, and even when your hands are partially hidden. Because nothing says convenience like waving your fingers around in the air like a mad conductor!

· Behold the crown, the almighty arbitrator of reality and virtual reality. With just a twist, you can seamlessly transition from the real world to a fully immersive virtual experience. Talk about having the power to control your own reality! Move aside, Neo, because Apple's got this covered.

· Oh, and don't worry about getting too lost in your virtual wonderland. EyeSight is here to save the day! It's like having a personal interruption assistant that recognizes pesky humans around you and reminds you to occasionally rejoin the real world. Because let's face it, who needs constant immersion when you can be reminded of your surroundings every now and then?

· Forget Avatars! Prepare to be amazed by Persona, a feature that scans your face and creates a virtual representation of yourself. Need a digital alter ego for your FaceTime calls? Well, look no further! Now you can chat away as your virtual self, because reality just isn't cool enough anymore.

· And let's not forget the built-in 3D camera that lets you capture memories in all their three-dimensional glory. Relive those moments like you're right there in the action! Plus, with the added bonus of watching 3D movies, it's like having your own personal theater strapped to your face. Move over, Avatar, because Apple is taking movie nights to a whole new dimension!

· And last but not least, brace yourself for the mind-boggling 23 million pixels of eye-popping resolution. It's like having a personal IMAX theater in your glasses! And let's not forget the spatial audio that analyzes the room around you.

Apple has once again delivered a masterpiece. (Still need to wait till 2024) So buckle up! 🎉 By the way, Tim’s rainbow background did not go un-noticed. Thanks Tim, timely!

About the Author

Having propelled two entertainment marketing agencies to 8 figure growth and worked with over 50 Fortune 500 companies, Curt Doty has a proven track record.

A former NBC Universal creative executive, Curt is an award-winning brander and marketer. As a creative entrepreneur, his sweet spot of innovation has been uniting the worlds of design, content and technology through MediaSlam, which is a podcast and a YouTube channel. His new consultancy is RealmIQ, a new product development practice built of a consortium of Generative AI and Web3 experts. Working with Microsoft, Toshiba and Apple, Curt created award-winning advanced content experiences for mobile, eBooks and advertising. He has bridged the gap between TV, Film and Technology while working with all the movie studios and dozens of TV networks. Curt’s Fortune 500 work includes content marketing and digital storytelling for brands like GM, US Army, Abbott, Dell, and Viacom.

As the web is evolving, Curt has recently focused on Web3, decentralization, blockchain and the creator economy through his branding, UX design and marketing. He is a sought after public speaker having been featured at Mobile Growth Association, Mobile Congress, App Growth Summit, Promax, CES, CTIA, NAB, NATPE, MMA Global, New Mexico Angels, Santa Fe Business Incubator and EntrepeneursRx.

Based in Santa Fe, he manages both coasts and a whole new clientele and continues to be a thought leader, visionary and outspoken creative on what is happening in Tech. His consultancy continues to help mid to late stage startups and Fortune 500 companies.

Follow and find out more about Curt Doty at MediaSlam


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