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Dreamicon 2023 by Dreamups: Building Moldova's Future Through Unicorn Startups and Innovation

On December 9, in the heart of Eastern Europe in Chisinau, an unprecedented gathering of innovative ideas and visions took place, permanently altering the landscape of Moldova's startup scene. The Dreamicon 2023 conference was the eagerly awaited meeting point for key players in the local startup ecosystem.


President Maia Sandu, present at the Dreamicon Moldova startup conference, emphasized,

"Although we are a small nation, our strength lies in resilience, clear priorities, and rapid implementation, key factors for developing a dynamic startup ecosystem. Even in the face of challenges like the pandemic and regional conflicts, our spirit of innovation remains unshaken. The emerging landscape of Moldovan startups, supported by a talented digital workforce, holds significant potential. With advantages like a central location in Europe, affordable living costs, favorable tax policies, and robust internet connectivity, Moldova is ready to become a thriving center for entrepreneurship and innovation."

- Maia Sandu, quoted from her speech at the Dreamicon Conference.


In a burst of creativity and energy, policymakers, international partners, startup founders, mentors, and investors, both local and international, came together, significantly reshaping the landscape of technological entrepreneurship, thus laying the foundation for a more tech-savvy and innovative Moldova.

 The innovative agenda of Dreamicon 2023 was shaped as a captivating pitch deck, taking participants on a thematic journey through various aspects of the startup ecosystem.

From Moldova's vision as an innovation hub, discussed by Minister Dumitru Alaiba, to inventive solutions presented by experts like Emil Chichioi and Letiția Ștefan in identifying unicorn opportunities, each segment made substantial contributions.


 Laura Hruby from the US Embassy provided the perspective of international partnerships, while speakers like Siim Teller and Joyce Zhang Gray addressed current topics such as building a strong team in a startup and the need for smart capital for startup growth. With over 40 remarkable mentors and international speakers, Dreamicon 2023 was a comprehensive journey, exploring the challenges and opportunities of innovation in Moldova.

Dumitru Alaiba, the Minister for Economic Development and Digitalization, emphasized efforts to create a conducive entrepreneurial environment, including a 0% tax on undistributed income and the extension of the IT Park until 2035.

Reforms for LLCs and the contactless legislation package showcase the state's commitment to collaborating with startups, streamlining business procedures. In 2022, 11 startups secured $11 million in private investments. Alaiba highlights the expansion of the IT Park, LLC reform, and the 0% tax on reported profits as key elements for a favorable entrepreneurial environment in Moldova.

 The full agenda and the complete list of speakers for Dreamicon 2023. Recording of live speeches event on YouTube.

The Dreamicon conference included an intensive matchmaking platform between investors and startups, providing a true source of ideas and perspectives. During these sessions, both local startups and investors from Moldova and internationally participated, strengthening crucial connections for the development of an innovative business ecosystem.

Among these, ViarLive showcased solutions for virtual real estate tours, Robolex introduced artificial intelligence into legal document generation, and Bloomcoding focused on programming education for children. Renter provided electric bike rental services for couriers, while DoctorChat brought telemedicine to an online platform. AML Crypto specialized in blockchain analysis tools, integrated a virtual assistant into their CRM solution, and Fagura proposed a peer-to-peer lending platform. Zeno Academy concentrated on online mentoring for children, and OneSyncs introduced a B2B SaaS platform for performance management in IT companies. 

The pitch competition was a shining highlight, featuring startups with innovative ideas and impactful technological solutions.Oto, ViarLive, AML Crypto, OneSyncs,, Robolex Docs, Langly - these are just a few of the names that illuminated the Dreamicon stage.

 One of the most impressive moments was the announcement of Robolex as the winner, securing an investment prize of 30,000 euros.

Robolex - the winning startup awarded a 30,000 euro investment prize, led by the team: Nicu Predeus, the CEO; Mihai Coșleț, CTO; Nicu Chiciuc, AI developer. Their artificial intelligence-based debt collection project captured the attention of the judging panel, comprised of experts such as Szymon Kubicki, Mihai Stipanov, Kateryna Kovalenko, Yrjo Ojasaar, and Veronica Covali. 

Over 350 registrations, with more than 300 participants in the hall, united by shared values and a passion for innovation. Over 40 extraordinary local and international speakers took the stage, exchanging ideas on how to build a unicorn startup in Moldova. A small but ambitious team of 11 individuals from Dreamups and their partners brought together all these elements in a memorable event. 

The Dreamicon Conference, powered by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Accelerator Dreamups, is part of the “Tech Clusters powered by MITP” program, with the support of the Moldova Future Technologies Activity, funded by USAID, Sweden, and UKaid; also supported by the U.S. Embassy in Moldova, the Entrepreneurship Academy of the European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE), the National Youth Agency through the Annual Grants Program 2023, by Moldova Innovation Technology Park and Orange. Additionally, Tekwill is our location partner, and the initiative benefits from ongoing commitment and support from the „Mozaic” Angel Investors Community.But innovation doesn't stop here! While the Dreamicon 2023 edition has concluded successfully, the Dreamups team is already in full swing planning for the next one. Recently, the pre-sale tickets for Dreamicon 2024 have been launched, offering you a special price of 400 MDL, available here. Secure your spot at the Dreamicon 2024 Conference – the platform that brings together the most knowledgeable international mentors in the startup and innovation field, local and international investors, ready-to-scale startups, and the next level, and, last but not least, enthusiasts of the technological entrepreneurship domain.



The Dreamicon Conference is an annual flagship event in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship in Moldova and Eastern Europe. Organized by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Accelerator 'Dreamups', this conference brings together leaders in the startup world, key investors, and domain experts, both local and international, to promote innovation and technological development. The Dreamicon Conference offers a networking platform, thematic discussions, and matchmaking between investors and startups to support the growth of the innovative business ecosystem. It is developed in partnership with important organizations and supported by various key entities. For more information, visit the Dreamicon website.




Dreamups, an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Moldova, focuses on the development of technology startups through four main directions: education, traction and acceleration, community, and investments. Since its founding in 2015, it has dedicated efforts to support and develop technology startups through education, traction and acceleration, communication, and investments. The ecosystem includes a variety of accelerators, educational courses, e-learning platforms, and community events, such as the Dreamicon conference, all aimed at cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit and enhancing venture capital absorption in local startups. This initiative is essential to strengthen Moldova's business ecosystem, with a special emphasis on innovation and growth in the technology sector



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