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Ecochain secures €3 million‎ to expand its team, bringing its LCA software to more manufacturers

Amsterdam-based scale-up Ecochain will expand its marketing and tech teams in a bid to grow its life cycle assessment software

Ecochain, a Dutch climate tech that enables manufacturers to produce more sustainable products using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) software, announced that it has raised €3 million. The funding round was led by the Impact Fund and supported by its existing investor, Volta Ventures. The funding also includes a loan from the Dutch bank ABN AMRO.

The funding comes at a time when the European Union has announced a new directive that addresses misleading sustainability claims and greenwashing through new rules and common criteria for making ecological claims and labels.

The climate tech startup scene in the Netherlands is vibrant and growing rapidly. Already Amsterdam is home to numerous innovative companies focused on developing technologies and solutions to combat climate change and promote sustainability which include The Ocean Cleanup, Physee, Perpetual Next and more.

“Ecochain has been at the forefront of sustainable practices for several years. With the recent launch of Mobius, the easy-to-use LCA software, Ecochain empowers professionals in different manufacturing sectors to effectively communicate the environmental impact of their products and services to clients, stakeholders, and consumers. As a supporter, we are excited to see their continued impact on the manufacturing industry and their mission to make high-quality LCAs understandable for all,”

says Sander Vonk, Partner at Volta Ventures.

Ecochain was founded in 2011 so has been beating this drum for a good while, and now officials are catching up to this particular beat too. Recent EU regulations, such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSDR) will require approximately 50,000 companies to report on sustainability matters.


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