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Ecosystem Giants - Ed Shrager

ParlayMe is proud to support '#EcosystemGiants', the series featuring the leaders redefining the tech investment and entrepreneurship landscape. In the last event for this season, hear the story of how founding Softbank team member Ed Shrager got into entrepreneurship and raised a $4M seed round from world's top VC firms weeks after leaving Softbank (and at idea stage!). A session targeted specifically at (pre)seed founders, aiming to help you get ahead in your fundraising journeys by offering unique industry insight on what should be on your deck, building investor connections and pivoting. Join at 6pm CEST on Tuesday, 29 June 2021.

#EcosystemGiants is part of, a project that aims to contribute to democratizing access to venture for less networked founders and junior VC through a newsletter and online initiatives.

The #EcosystemGiants series highlight the ecosystem members who redefine the tech investment and start-up landscape. They are sessions of practical, actionable advice to entrepreneurs and operators. The amazing guests share their ‘secrets’ to success, offer insights and commentary on the market. Join for an opportunity to meet and get to know (albeit virtually) some of the most seasoned VC investors and founders. Part of the 'Ecosystem' Project, aiming to contribute to democratizing access to venture for less networked founders and junior VC through a newsletter and online initiatives.

Timings (CEST)

18:00 Start; in conversation with Ed Shrager (Founder and CEO, Joggo) covering:

- His transition from capital allocator to a founder, raising capital

- Securing seed capital weeks after leaving Softbank

- Knowing when and how to pivot

- Building in private VS building in public

18:25 Open Q&A

18:40 Pitchdeck walkthrough

Before we close, Ed will share more about the exact presentation he used in the fundraise and give advice on must-have slides


Ed is the founder and CEO of Joggo, a personal content management platform based in San Francisco, California. Joggo has raised over $4M from world-class venture capital funds. Ed has worked in finance for over a decade, most recently being part of the founding team at Softbank, the largest venture capital fund in the world. At Softbank, Ed led investments totaling over $5B: Cruise Automation, Nuro, and Flexport. Prior to Softbank, Ed spent over a decade investing in high growth media and technology businesses and started his career in investment banking in London where he grew up. Ed has broad geographic investment experience having worked at the World Bank investing in emerging markets where he led investments in a diverse range of sectors from transportation, logistics, telecoms and financial services.

Tzvete is the founder of the 'Ecosystem' project, that aims to tackle the issue of closed networks in venture. Its goal is to help very early stage founders in accessing pre-seed capital through a weekly newsletter and online initiatives. In her day-to-day role, she is the IR and Platform Manager at PropTech1 Ventures, Europe's leading VC fund focused on PropTech and Construction Tech. Her experience in VC includes being on the investment team at a supply chain-focused fund and in a platform role at the VC spin out of multinational real estate investment manager Round Hill Capital. Tzvete is a firm advocate for bridging the gender gap in venture capital and technology, is a mentor to female founders; and a non-exec trustee at Girls in Charge.

*Spaces are limited.


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