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Ecosystem Giants - Elmar Broscheit

ParlayMe is proud to support '#EcosystemGiants' , the series featuring the leaders redefining the tech investment and entrepreneurship landscape. Hear from the managing director at multinational investment bank and unicorn angel investor Elmar Broscheit on 13 April at 7pm CET as he speaks with @Tzvete about the differences and similarities between venture/angel investing and identifying future billion-dollar companies at inception.

Tune in at 6pm GMT (7pm CET) on Tuesday 13 April 2021.

If you are a long term reader or have been with ‘Ecosystem’ from the very beginning, you likely know how it started and the inspiration behind it. There is a common saying that while talent is equally distributed, opportunity is not - and the goal of the ‘Ecosystem’ project is to address this exact problem of access to opportunity in early stage fundraising. Hopefully through the information shared in the weekly newsletter and the knowledge exchange and connections made via the online initiatives; we will collectively succeed in tackling the issue of closed networks in venture - and more opportunities for entrepreneurs raising the first round of external funding and for junior investors starting out in VC will be created.

On the topic of raising the first round of capital, as a founder, how do you find the earliest backers for your startup? The angel investors, willing to take a bet on you, in many cases long before an institutional investor does. And if you can be that person and move the needle by supporting an entrepreneur take a venture off the ground, how do you start angel investing? How can you identify the future billion-dollar companies?

The next #EcosystemGiants session will be an opportunity to gain insight into the way angel/venture investing works - and the difference between the two. Hear from an amazing investor, with experience backing super successful late stage businesses (Stocard), as well as identifying unicorn startups at inception (Tier Mobility*).

It truly is a pleasure and honor to welcome Elmar Broscheit (Managing Director, Macquarie Capital and angel investor) as the next #EcosystemGiants guest at 7pm CET on 13 April 2021! Elmar is a Managing Director at Macquarie Capital and runs Macquarie Capital's European Venture Capital activities from Berlin. He has been working in VC at Macquarie in Australia, Asia and Europe for over 10 years and among other things was involved in Macquarie's investments in Lieferando (exit to, (exit through IPO), Ganji (exit to Tiger Global), JobsDB (exit to Seek), Nuix and Stocard. Elmar is also an angel investor in a number of Berlin start ups including 7Learnings, and unicorns Tier Mobility and Gorillas.

A conversation about :

  • Venture/angel investing - what are the differences and similarities between the two?

  • Accessing and identifying unicorn companies early

  • Leadership tips - time management, prioritisation and delegation

#EcosystemGiants is part of, a project that aims to contribute to democratizing access to venture for less networked founders and junior VC through a newsletter and online initiatives.


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