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Elon Musk willing to spend $6 billion to fight world hunger— but what's the catch?

Author: January Barnes

2 percent of Elon Musk’s wealth could solve world hunger problem and he says he's willing to do this under the condition of "accounting transparency"

The World Food Programme is asking Billionaires to step up

These US Billionaires alone have got a trillion dollars richer during the pandemic and the WFP is asking Billionaires like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos to help out.

We have a global food crisis and we need help outside of the government as let's face it the governments don't have the resources. We need 6 billion dollars to reach 42 million people who will die from starvation if they don't get food!

6 Billion would be 10% of Jeff Bezos net income and instead of funding space expeditions perhaps it is time to solve some problems on earth too!

Every 4 seconds someone is dying from hunger related causes!

David Beasley, director of the UN’s World Food Programme is asking all billionaires like Musk to “step up now, on a one-time basis.”

Thank fully Elon heard the call and is worth 306 billion dollars responding via twitter with the following

David Beasley responded:

Musk replied by asking him to publicly publish the organization’s current and proposed spending in detail. “Sunlight is a wonderful thing,” Musk wrote.

In a separate tweet, Musk made reference to a 2015 Express report alleging that UN peacekeepers were sexually abusing children in the Central African Republic in 2014, adding the comment “What happened here?”

It would appear Musk is willing to discuss this but wants full transparency of where and how resources will be spent!

Last week, Tesla became the sixth company in US history to be worth $1 trillion and the second fastest to achieve that milestone after Facebook.

If Musk were to sell $6 billion worth of Tesla shares to make a donation, it would be the largest known charitable contribution he has ever made.

So what do you think? Will Elon step up to the mark and help our global humanitarian crisis?


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