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FEW Accelerator Gathers Impact Investors To Fund Women-Led Businesses

FEW Accelerator Gathers Impact Investors To Fund Women-Led Businesses, Offering

Exclusive Access to FEW’s Elite Investor Network

Asia-Pacific’s largest business platform for female founders is excited to invite women-led

businesses, particularly those in the consumer goods space or seeking access to a female client demographic, with an exclusive VC network, media coverage, mentorship, marketing and more.

Established in 2015, Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide (FEW) is Asia-Pacific’s

largest membership platform, gathering female founders, executives and investors to support

women to reach their business goals. Throughout its impactful seven-year history, FEW has

established a full scale of capabilities for entrepreneurs, from understanding business models and helping startups to scale up to successful fundraising. Our latest initiative is the three-month FEW Accelerator, offering mature startups a range of services from cash investments,

mentorship, media coverage and valuable access to FEW’s exclusive investor network, while

charting a clear pathway for expansion.

FEW is committed to continuing to build a valuable database of impact investors, who share the platform’s mission to support female founders and welcome opportunities to invest in companies with excellent growth potential. Each of the hand-picked three companies selected to participate in the FEW Accelerator programme will receive a US$10,000-US$100,000 cash investment, mentorship and marketing services for a 5-10% equity share.

Benefits from the 3-month FEW Accelerator Program include:

● Investor networks: Privileged access to FEW’s community of impact investors, including

one-on-one investor meetings; Demo Day pitches and access to private investor groups

on Linkedin.

● Mentorship: each startup receives a personalized match with 2 experienced mentors from

FEW’s network.

● Publicity: three media interviews to boost exposure of founders and company.

● Investment: Each three-month program comes with US$10,000-US$100,000 cash

investment plus marketing services for 5-10% equity.

To fuel growth and refine strategy, participants will benefit from mentorship with two

experienced industry leaders with relevant experience, who can provide invaluable perspectives on business models, client acquisition, fundraising strategies, and more. They can also expect a minimum of three articles published by media partners, which will boost the company’s profile, enhance branding messages and attract new customers. Meanwhile, FEW’s team of professionals will also impart private equity, venture capital, legal, and marketing expertise to round out the programme’s holistic approach.

FEW represents Asia-Pacific’s largest business platform for female founders, with more than

20,000 members, 1,800 investors and 100 corporate partners, including UBS, Credit Suisse,

Silicon Valley Bank, KPMG, Forbes China and SCMP. As a regional leader, FEW believes in

making space at the table for more female entrepreneurs, thereby promoting the economic

participation of future generations of women.

The FEW Accelerator builds on the success of the FEW Incubator 2021 sponsored by Apollo

Future Mobility Group, iptiQ by Swiss Re and InvestHK, which welcomed 13 women-led tech

startups with cash grants totalling over HK$1 million. As a natural progression, the FEW

Accelerator focuses on established businesses ripe for expansion.

“Being an entrepreneur can be lonely, especially as a woman. Having access to a community forsupport and inspiration is important for me,”

says Peggy Cheung, a serial entrepreneur who participated in the FEW Incubator on behalf of Gump, a SaaS collaboration platform.

“I can’t recommend FEW enough if you’re a female founder looking to grow your business and join a fun community of like-minded #girlbosses. Plus, I’ve been able to expand my network and meet potential investors to explore fundraising opportunities – it’s been an invaluable experience for me personally.”

"Even when women have an amazing product and potential to grow, it can be challenging for them to make inroads, find the right investors and ultimately ask for financing. We strive to empower female founders by creating a network of investors and through the FEW Accelerator programme,”

says Ines Gafsi, Co-founder and COO of FEW.

"The programme may end after 12 weeks, but our support continues. Participants will also be embraced by the FEW community, where meaningful connections and business inspiration flourish on a daily basis.”

Applications are now open for the 2022 FEW Accelerator programme. Here’s how to apply:

Application Instructions

Applicants should sign up here before June 15th, 2022.

Selection Criteria:

We’re looking for Social and Product Driven Entrepreneurs with a minimum of an 18-month

track record and scalability potential, and a Go-To-Market strategy for APAC regions.

Application Schedule:

Applications are open until June 15th, 2022. Applications are evaluated by an independent

advisory team that includes venture capitalists, academics, and industry veterans.

Programme Schedule:

Program starts on July 1st until September 30th, 2022.


About Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide (FEW)

Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide (FEW) is the largest business platform for female founders and business executives in Asia. FEW’s mission is to empower women with essential skills, capital and networks to help their business growth and personal development.

Tech Platform | Members can sign up for business and lifestyle programs and experiences that help them grow personally and professionally.

FEW Accelerator | FEW Accelerator offers cash investment and marketing services to

selected female founders of high-growth technology companies and helps them build a

sustainable, scalable and profitable business.

Business Consulting | FEW also works closely with SMEs and multinational companies to

build and operate a community or membership model, as well as market their initiatives to a

female demographic.


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