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From Scrolling to Strolling:Creating Metaverse Experiences

January 27th @ 4pm GMT

About the Event

The Metaverse. Spent much time there recently? If the answer is ‘the Meta-what?’ – then join R/GA and Contagious as we unpack the creative and business opportunities for brands that the dawn of the metaverse brings. With the Metaverse’s rapid acceleration being supercharged by blockchain technology, NFTs and crypto—be under no illusion, a paradigm shift is lurking in the corner. One that will see the entire world move from scrolling to strolling the internet.

While the metaverse might still be a highly experimental space, the scope for innovation is vast if you’re an progressive brand with a tech-loving audience. During this event, you will hear about the advantages for early adopters and learn about the many exciting and different Metaverses to know and which ones brands should be placing their bets on. So, if you want to know your Decentraland from your Upland, and your Sandbox from your Roblox, join us and a panel of soon to be announced industry meta-experts.

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