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Global Operations Manager - Tesla

The Role

The Supercharging team is responsible for managing and expanding the world’s fastest electric vehicle charging network, which includes over 17,000 Superchargers worldwide. The team is looking for an operations manager who will be responsible for establishing consistent metrics, processes, and customer experiences on a global basis. The position will partner with global market leads to communicate, document, and implement new processes and track key network performance indicators including new site growth, current site performance, and financial metrics. The role will also oversee supply chain, logistics, and system implementation to support our global teams.


  • Work with the Headquarters team to understand key strategic initiatives to roll-out globally

  • Create and communicate implementation plans for new processes

  • Track performance across regions including (1) site pipeline planning and approval, (2) development timelines, (3) performance of existing sites including customer feedback and service needs, and (4) key financial metrics including OPEX and CAPEX.

  • Improve consistency of Supercharging network operations across regions through ongoing communication and best-practices sharing.

  • Track and report on network performance including increased usage events. Work directly with service teams to ensure optimal performance of sites.

  • Oversee supply chain and logistics to ensure global teams have the necessary equipment to meet targets.

  • Oversee tool and systems development to ensure global teams have the necessary infrastructure to meet targets.

  • Assist and support global team with hiring, performance review, training, and documentation.

  • Ensure processes are in place to enable accurate billing/ payment and the fulfillment of lease obligations.


  • 6 – 10 years experience in operations or related role

  • Hyper focus on performance tracking and improvement

  • Strong attention to detail and methodical in execution

  • Experience with new process and systems implementation

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, especially the ability to adjust communication style to different audiences

  • Collaborative, team oriented, and mission-driven

  • [Preferred] Operations experience in start-up environment

About us

Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy through increasingly affordable electric vehicles in addition to renewable energy generation and storage. California-based Tesla is committed to having the best-in-class in safety, performance, and reliability in all Tesla cars. There are currently over 275,000 Model S, Model X and Model 3 vehicles on the road worldwide. To achieve a sustainable energy future, Tesla also created infinitely scalable energy products: Powerwall, Powerpack and Solar Roof. As the world’s only vertically integrated energy company, Tesla continues to innovate, scale and reduce the costs of commercial and grid-scale systems, with the goal of ultimately getting us to 100% renewable energy grids.

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