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Influence the Future. Hop-on Presents Digitalage at VidCon 2022

Digitalage is excited to announce their attendance June 22-25 at VidCon in Anaheim, CA, the world’s leading social media influencer and creator convention.
Hop-on (OTCBB:HPNN) We are looking forward to VidCon serving as an opportunity for us to connect, engage, and build relationships with a younger generation of creatives, influencers, and digital leaders.”
Peter Michaels, CEO

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO, UNITED STATES, May 26, 2022 -- Digitalage is excited to announce that they will be in attendance June 22-25 at VidCon 2022 in Anaheim, California. VidCon is the world’s leading social media influencer and creator convention, with over 75,000 attendees and 120 exhibitors. During a period of four days, attendees are granted incomparable opportunities to connect with their favorite influencers, participate in educational workshops, and experience unparalleled brand activations. As the platform prepares for beta launch and transition into the next stages of development, the company has been actively seeking opportunities that will afford them access to environments that bestow them with the chance to participate in organic conversations and receive transparent critique. The Digitalage team has an all-pervading excitement for the in-depth knowledge, insight, and feedback attending VidCon will afford their team. Under the campaign and hashtag #InfluenceThe Future, Digitalage will connect with its favorite influencers while concurrently revealing the brand and platform to a new generation of content creators and their fans. The marketing team has curated a unique interactive space that will resonate with every individual who gets the opportunity to visit the brand’s booth. Through activities and messaging that emphasize empowerment and the importance of authenticity, the brand hopes to leave its audience with an experience that profoundly elevates their perception of self-worth and a resounding positive impression of Digitalage’s values. CEO Peter Michaels states, “While preparing for VidCon, our focus has been geared towards constructing an immersive experience that speaks directly to the convention’s demographic, has inimitable authenticity, and adequately externalizes Digitalage’s mission to trailblaze in the future of Web3 and Social Media. We are looking forward to VidCon serving as an opportunity for us to connect, engage, and build relationships with a younger generation of creatives, influencers, and digital leaders.” Curt Doty, CCO of Digitalage adds,

“This event not only serves as a space for us to connect and develop key relationships but also as an arena for us to receive real-time feedback from younger users of social platforms on what changes they hope to see within the social sphere. The value of being a part of this event is incomparable, and we are creating a strategy that ensures we will efficiently optimize every minute of our time there.”

Developing a platform that fully encompasses every feature a forward-thinking social network requires immense research, expertise development, and acute attention to detail. Digitalage states that they have dedicated themselves to exploring every component a successful social platform should integrate through comprehensive market research and extensive experimentation. Attending Vidcon is another stepping-stone in their meticulously crafted blueprint to ensure that every facet of development research has been met prior to their launch. They are confident that the relationships they develop, the discoveries they make, and the feedback they receive at VidCon, will inform, and contribute to how they refine and improve the platform. If you will be in attendance and would like to set up a time to connect directly with the Digitalage team, feel free to send us an email at About Digitalage: With offices based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the mission behind Digitalage is to lead the social media industry through combatting content piracy and empower publishers, influencers, and contributors. Digitalage is revolutionizing the creator economy and will empower users to connect, upload and share content, while compensating rights holders through utilizing decentralized Web3 blockchain technologies. About Hop-on Hop-on, Inc. (OTC: HPNN) is a US-based international leader in the development and manufacture of electronics, distributed software, and telecommunications hardware and services, capitalizing on its secured essential license agreements for mobile and computing technologies. Since 1993, the Company has a proven record of innovation and market development. From developing the world's first CDMA disposable cell phone to the upcoming Digitalage decentralized social media platform promoting data portability and free speech and engineering essential tools for content protection and royalty management across social platforms and devices, the Company works closely with inventors and patent holders to bring the latest technologies to demanding markets.


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