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Investor Ready- The Guide for Startups on getting investors to say YES

Spark! is delighted to announce that ‘Investor Ready’ the #1 best-selling book authored by our CEO, Julie Barber, is a Finalist in the 2021 Business Book Awards (Startup/Scaleup Category).

Investor Ready – The Guide for Startups on getting investors to say Yes

Getting investment is tough. Competition is fierce. There are new start-ups around every corner fighting for their slice of the pie.

In this book, Julie Barber shares her proven six-step process to showcase your company at its best and wow your potential investors.

The six steps of the Investor Ready Roadmap outlined in this book will enable you to:

  • • Communicate your company Vision to investors

  • • Ensure the Structure and Scalability of your start-up supports your Vision

  • • Prove your Market fit and impact

  • • Provide business Numbers that give investors confidence

  • • Build your ideal Investor Profile and find investors who match it

  • • Create a Pitch and Business Plan that will wow potential investors

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The book is also crammed full of insights from top investors, including Angels, VCs, Corporate VCs and Crowdfunding Platforms.

About The Author

Julie Barber is CEO at Spark! Consulting, a boutique business consultancy. Julie is also an author, Non-Exec Director, Mentor and Speaker.

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