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Portrait: In Technology We All Speak The Same Language

Author: The Circle

As a tech talent acquisition specialist, I spend hours poring over engineer profiles on LinkedIn. That’s how, a year ago, I met Christelle Souaileh, a Microsoft rock star from the Middle East.

Where were you born?

Christelle Souaileh: I was born in a very beautiful yet small country, Lebanon. I and my two sisters were raised in Beirut by our Palestinian father and Lebanese mother. I studied Information Technology in Lebanon and in 2020, my journey started in Luxembourg.

Why did you decide to study tech?

On a personal level, I run away from routine, and technology is one of the specialties where routine has no place. It is a field full of new techniques where skills, improvements and solutions appear on a daily basis. Away from a run-of-the-mill job and facing new challenges every day, I found my passion.

“I was always wondering if the European market is different from the Middle Eastern one. Gladly, in technology, we all speak the same language.” Christelle Souaileh

How was your career growth going in Lebanon?

I started as a software developer on Microsoft tools. I took the role of a technical consultant, implementing projects and developing solutions. Working closely with the clients made me a better analyst with one main objective: facilitating technology adoption across industries and assisting their digital journey with Microsoft applications. Currently, Dynamics 365, Power Platform and SharePoint Online are my areas of expertise.

Why did you move to Luxembourg?

I was offered an interesting job in Luxembourg and I was recruited. The proposal was interesting and from an interview to another, I was recruited. In November 2020, I stepped in Luxembourg for the first time. New job, new country, new people. Thanks to The Circle and Devoteam, settling in the country was easier than I thought. Moving here was one challenging decision, but the experience was a big added value on my career. I was always wondering if the European market is different from the Middle Eastern one. Gladly, in technology, we all speak the same language.

What would you say to encourage women to join the tech world?

We always opt to make technology real, precise and reachable by everyone, the elderly and the kids, the poor and the rich, the healthy and the differently-abled, for business and for fun, for professionals and for amateurs. So how can women be excluded from all of that? It is impossible. Women contributed to many changes since the beginning of time and now, it is our responsibility again to make technology real. So to every woman out there, I would say: Be part of the change and join this world. Join the new reality and let technology be your new language!

Article courtesy of our content partner site Silicon Luxembourg

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06 ott 2023

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