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Review: PowerPic Mod Wireless Charger

Author - Emma Crameri

The PowerPic mod is an interesting concept for making an attractive wireless charger.

The PowerPic features:

  • An attractive design for mobile phones and AirPods Pro

  • Customizable 4×6 frame for displaying photos

  • 3 different charging positions

  • Compatible with most cases up to 3mm thick

  • Works with a 20-watt USBC-C power adapter

The box contains an owner’s guide, charger base, photo holder and a charging cable. Unfortunately, it does not contain a 20W USB-C power adapter.

There’s an example of a colourful postcard that PowerPic calls a wallpaper, so you can test it out. It’s held in place with small magnets. This is where you could print out something that suits your décor. If you have a reception area or venue, you could add a helpful QR code to the menu or a website address.

There are LED lights on the side to tell you what the charging status is. The cable attaches to the photo frame, rather than the base (as I was expecting).

You’ll need to check your phone has Qi charging technology. It’s available in classic black or white.

The PowerPic mod wireless charger could make a useful addition to your bedside or desk.

The PowerPic mod is available now from for AUD$99.95.

Though available exclusively from Twelve South AU for the time being, PowerPic Mod joins a range of elegantly designed and multi-function accessories available in the region from a range of retailers including JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks, Temple and Webster, and Home of Brands.

About Twelve South

Twelve South creates beautiful accessories designed exclusively for Apple. From one-of-a-kind cases like BookBook to the desktop space-saver BookArc, our innovative products enhance, protect, and personalise the experience of using your favourite Apple gear. Twelve South website:

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