Superbowl - Timeless Performance

If you're anything like us at ParlayMe - you like the Superbowl but you LOVE the halftime performance - okay okay the game is pretty good too!

It's been a mixed bag of performances these last few years - one of our all time favourites is Bruno Mars - but this year we were served a Latino extravaganza with Shakira and Jlo

And why do we think it's worth reporting on this non-tech event on a tech news site - well because to be a tech giant you need entrepreneurial skills and often the ability to reinvent yourself or in the case of Shakira and Jlo - find your niche and everyday keep making it better - it's safe to say their latina moves and hip shaking songs have improved yet stayed consistent - what we call Timeless Performance

So we ask each and every one of our entrepreneurial audience - are you creating a timeless performance? Will your product continue to improve and most of all stay relevant to your audiences. When it comes to pop icons like Shakira and JLO that have been around for over 20 years and increased their fortunes yearly you got to hand it to them - finding your audience and creating consistent content goes along way - and now we will let you enjoy the performance!

NOW ASK YOUR YOURSELF - is your business creating timeless performances and staying consistent to your brand?