The Value of Top Tech CEO's

With many people talking about California's plans to raise taxes on big corporations, which Abigail Disney is now publicly backing, we've done some research that could add to the conversation.

Everybody knows that big tech CEOs receive amply pay, but who is providing the best ROI for their companies? RS Components has carried out research on the growth and losses each company has seen during its CEO's time to find out.

The average salary for a tech CEO is £8.6 million while the average annual increase in their company's value is $22.4 billion

Here are some of the key stats:

Apple CEO, Tim Cook’s total compensation was $15.7 million last year, while Apple's company value has increased annually by $81.9 billion during his time

CEOJeff Bezos has the longest-held position, totalling 23 years as CEO of Amazon, during which time he has grown the value of Amazon from almost nothing to $881 billion

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella earned $42.9 million last year, while Microsoft's value has increased by $137.5 billion each year of her appointment

CEOGinni Rometty, CEO of IBM, receives a salary of $17.5 million but during her 7 years as CEO the company's value has plummeted by $57.1 billion