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Videoscape Europe


This Thursday June 11th is one of our favourite OTT and online streaming events Videoscape Europe is on and of course this year it is virtual.

The world’s media companies – new and old – are in a race for market share as the slow-burning transition to IP viewing accelerates. The potential for value-chain disruption has increased; the danger posed by anaemic digital strategies is heightened. For every digital service, it is time to double-down on efforts to gain homes, viewing hours, fans, subscriptions and advertising dollars.

Videoscape Europe is focused on how media companies can triumph in this fast-moving, premium video streaming marketplace. We want to know how all digital entertainment stakeholders guarantee their slice of a market that, today, partly complements, partly substitutes, and partly mirrors broadcast TV programming.

We explore the strategies and technologies that will help Pay TV operators, global SVODs, D2C (direct-to-consumer) services, broadcasters and content owners to achieve sustainable growth and profit. This one-day event considers who will play the roles of platform operator, aggregator, content discovery agent, producer and curator as more television is streamed. We start considering what the post-broadcast world is going to look like.

Here are some exclusive interviews ParlayMe did last year at the event in London




CSG Ascendon

IHS Markit

Marquee TV

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1 Comment

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