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Why Startups Should Outsource Software Development?

Author: Eduard Khorkov

Startups are difficult, there are very few startups that become successful. A lot of things have to be managed and then developing software can be a task that may not be something that the startup can manage. Hiring an in-house software developer may be expensive as well as time-consuming. Outsourcing the work of software development to some other firm can not only give the startups the perfect kind of software but will be more convenient and less expensive as well. Many startups might think that having a team of in-house developers can be safe as the control of the information is still in their own hands, other software development companies might release their information to other clients or may use them for their own personal motives. But that is not true, no one can violate the laws of privacy of an enterprise. Outsourcing the workload of developing software for a startup to some top software development company can be a better option than hiring a team of in-house software developers.

Below are the reasons that might convince the startups why outsourcing is a better option for them:

1.Better communication within the team: There is a reason behind this because this team of developers has already worked together, it will be easy for them to communicate with each other as compared to a newly appointed in-house team of developers. This will be a lot more convenient and time-saving as there will be no wastage of time in strengthening the communication with each other.

2.Removes the need of an HR manager: If QZ is to be believed then almost 10% of startups that are funded fail because of mistakes in the hiring process. If the HR of a startup doesn’t know what the startup wants from their team of developers then there might be big mistakes in hiring. On the other hand, when some startup takes help of an outsourcing company mistakes like these can be avoided. The reason behind this is that these outsourcing software development companies already have a dedicated HR department with good experience to take care of all this.

3.Ensured Transparency Of Development: Some startups are stressed that they will not be able to monitor the development process, but it’s nothing like that. The outsourcing company that the startups hire regularly communicate with them updating them with all the new things that are being done, with details about everything that is going on. Outsourcing companies also want to deliver a product that can satisfy the needs of their clients to sustain in the market. Without proper communication delivering a product that can satisfy the requirements of the startups is not possible.

4.The development team of the outsourcing company will not require time for warm-up: Anyone who is new to a workplace takes at least 100 hours to get used to the place, understand the work culture, and get friendly with the co-workers. And taking up this much time for things like these can be big trouble for a startup that is looking to work with high intensity. On the other hand, the team of developers at the outsourcing company will not take this time as they have already been working together for a long time. Through this, the startup owners will not have to spend money while the in-house developers are just adapting.

5.Cost-Efficient: According to Mark Growth, 46% of the startups fail because they run out of funds and to solve this problem almost a quarter of all the new companies outsource their development to save money. Paying more money to someone from the same region as the startup owner is not as good as paying the outsourcing company that will provide them with employees who are better and have a higher expertise level.

6.Business owners can focus on other important tasks: There are a lot of important tasks on hand when the startup is in its initial phase and if the startup owners have to give time to the development process of their software then the other tasks that are also important will get affected. If the work of software development is outsourced then the business owners can focus on other important tasks and run the startup with more power.

7.Flexible Outsourcing teams: The developers at the outsourcing company are way more flexible and experienced than the in-house developers’ team of a startup company. Because the developers have to work for different projects all the time they use all the cutting edge technologies and all the latest innovations to create software that is flawless.

8.Time-saving: With the immense experience and skills, the outsourcing development companies can develop an MVP (minimum valuable product) with ease. They know the way to do it as they have mastered many different technologies and are determined to develop more amazing products. Through all the experience they have in developing an MVP the startup owners can save a lot of time by outsourcing their software development.

9.Prevention of work interruption: If something happens to the in-house developers while the project is still on, the whole work will stop then and there only. This is not an issue with outsourcing companies, they have many employees who can do the work even if some of them get sick or have to go for something important. Through outsourcing, the work interruption can be prevented.


All the above reasons have explained why it is necessary to hire an outsourcing software development company where the startups can hire custom software developers as per their project. A startup company has to go through a lot of struggles before they can actually set their foot in the market and tasks like development of software are important. Outsourcing the work of software development can ensure the startups that the product will be as per the market and international standards and also that it will be developed in time. On the other hand, if this work is to be done by the team of in-house developers then there are many problems. Some of them are also mentioned in the points above, that can arise.

About the Author:

Eduard Khorkov

CEO/Co-Founder at Polecat /

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