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Women Who Tech - 2020 Findings

Women Who Tech retained polling firm Lincoln Park Strategies to anonymously survey 1,003 tech employees, founders, and investors globally on their experiences in the tech sector.

Our goal with the 2020 survey was to identify what barriers and challenges people face in the tech sector, and track whether the systemic sexism and racism that respondents’ experiences have shifted since our 2017 survey. 

This year’s survey paralleled the 2017 survey while introducing new questions around investors’ perception of gender parity in tech and whether investors believe gender plays a role in access to funding. We also incorporated questions around whether women or nonbinary respondents were treated differently than men while working in tech or raising money for their startups. 

The #MeToo movement spurred significant publicity, advocacy campaigns, lawsuits, and investments in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) trainings and pledges, but the survey results clearly illustrate that barriers for women, especially women of color, are still being upheld at unprecedented levels. 

Differentials from 2017 are indicated by parentheses with +/- to show changes in responses over time.

Special thanks to Craig Newmark Philanthropies and Rad Campaign for their support.

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Methodology The survey was conducted between February 13 - March 23, 2020 via an anonymous online survey. 69% of respondents were women and 29% were men who worked in tech or were startup founders. 169 investors were surveyed and no gender data was collected for investors.

Supplied by WomenWhoTech


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