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About this event

This International Women’s Day, join #WomenInTechWeek — a series of talks, panel discussions, and fun events you can opt-in over the four days between March 8th to 11th, 2022. The event agenda is dedicated to professional growth and learning to empower and encourage women-in-tech.

The panel discussions and talks will bring out great insights from women-in-tech leaders and, in the process, inspire future women-in-tech leaders too. These sessions, along with networking opportunities, will help more and more women understand how to overcome certain career development barriers and unleash their full potential.

Take part in Turing Jump Start for women developers on March 11th to immediately boost your exposure to remote U.S. job opportunities. Here, you can get quicker access to remote jobs with leading U.S. companies where you will find interesting problems to solve, competitive compensation, and a talented peer network to scale up your career journey.

At Jump Start, you can attend insightful sessions on the vetting process and best interview practices. You also have the exclusive opportunity to complete various questionnaires and tests to significantly boost your chances of getting matched to our leading U.S. clients. Complete the work survey here to be ready for the tests during Jump Start.

#WomenInTechWeek is designed to deliver great value for women developers seeking inspiration, career advice, networking, and job opportunities. Please check out our detailed agenda below for the 4-day event lineup and plan your week; reach out to us at for more information.



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