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X Becomes a Misinformation Machine

The report found that X outstripped many of its larger peers when it comes to the volume of disinformation on its platform, and the engagement such posts attract. “X … is the platform with the largest ratio of mis/disinformation posts,” European Commission Vice President Vera Jourova said in a statement. The report also found that X ranked the highest in discoverability of misinformation and disinformation, followed by Facebook and Instagram.

The European Union has labelled the social media platform X [formerly Twitter], owned by Elon Musk, as the primary source of the dissemination of Russian disinformation. This designation comes after the EU called on Silicon Valley platforms to enhance their vigilance in combating Russian "information warfare," according to Bloomberg.

European Union regulators have reprimanded Elon Musk after X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, was found to contain a higher ratio of misinformation and disinformation in a new report. “X, formerly Twitter … is the platform with the largest ratio of mis/disinformation followed by Facebook,” the European commissioner for values and transparency, Věra Jourová, said in comments reported by The Guardian.

Ahead of upcoming elections, Google, TikTok, Microsoft and Meta also have more to do to tackle disinformation, much of it coming from Russia, which is using social media to wage a “war of ideas” against democracy, European Commission Vice President Vera Jourova said.

Moscow’s disinformation operation “is a multimillion-euro weapon of mass manipulation aimed both internally at the Russians as well as at Europeans and the rest of the world,” she said at a press briefing in Brussels.

The European Commission, the EU's executive arm, released on Tuesday a study of the six online platforms in Poland, Slovakia and Spain. There have been concerns about the increase in disinformation related to parliamentary elections in Slovakia, scheduled for this Saturday, as well as those to be held next month in Poland—while the European Parliament elections are set for next year..


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