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Yes, You can do This!

How women can lean into entrepreneurship to create the life they want!

We were recently lucky enough to interview Claudia Reuter the General Manager of International renowned accelerator Tech Stars

Claudia is a a former stay-at-home Mom that went on to be a venture-backed CEO, executive at a 2 Billion + company - now author - listen to our Exclusive Podcast with Claudia here

Claudia Reuter left a promising corporate career to raise her two young children but realized, when re-entering the workforce, that the gap in her resume looked like a gap in ambition―not a purposeful plan. Instead of leaning into a corporate career and fighting the structures and systems designed by and for men decades ago, or leaning out and giving up income, Claudia took a different path. That decision ultimately led to success in the corporate world and at home.

You can buy her book Yes, You Can Do This! here

Claudia shares her own reasons for starting a business and makes a call to action for women to consider entrepreneurship so that they can create businesses with the rules they want and change the playing field for others, making a significant impact in the world. More than a "How-to book" on building a business, Claudia provides clear examples and practical resources to help others create the life they want through entrepreneurship.

InYes, You Can Do This! you'll learn:

• How to develop and share your vision

• How to deal with stereotypes and unconscious bias

• How to leverage perceived weaknesses and turn them into strengths

• How to balance life at high speeds and avoid burnout

• How to cultivate the confidence to move from idea to creating a company with the culture and rules you want

You can also follow Claudia's adventures with her podcast series the 43% - where she profiles authors, tech executives, doctors, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms and more who share their professional journeys and advice for women grappling with work-life balance - listen to it here


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