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Parlay With Us

Would you like to do a PR campaign with us? Simply get in touch to find out more.

ParlayMe is a tech news and networking platform for Startups, Investors, Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders.  We build shareable, snack-size content to amplify your message.


We identify the next unicorns, visionaries and gamechangers and parlay them across our private B2B and public B2C networks.


Through exclusive reporting and curated storytelling we zero in on the most compelling founders, entrepreneurs and investor stories in the startup world.


Founded in 2016, ParlayMe publishes on ParlayMe youtube, instagram, twitter, facebook, e-newsletter, podcast and website, a platform built for tomorrow's leaders. ParlayMe is the next level network of startups in the social age.

Here at ParlayMe, we pride ourselves on reaching a different kind of entrepreneur- one that is ever discerning, plugged in and on-the-go, and believes in taking calculated risks.


The good news? They’re the first to innovate, push new boundaries and recommend reputable startup partners.


From curated videos, dedicated emails to branded content to exclusive back-stage access to speaker events. ParlayMe offers a customized approach to suit every client’s goal.


Whether it be to generate social buzz, to raise capital, or to push online sales and in-store promotion, we have a strong stable of case studies to assist our clients in delivering for almost any part of their marketing and media mix.


We offer branded video content, custom content, social contests, podcasts, integration into editorial franchises, innovative high impact social media exposure, local events and more.


Download a PDF of our press kit here

For more information regarding PR and content production options:

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