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Adadot: Skills-Based Hiring For Any Marketing Project

Written by Lidia Vijga

Today, the ability to access a geographically diverse talent pool has facilitated a skills-based hiring movement. Organizations are now focusing on assembling the teams with candidates who possess the skills and capabilities needed for each project. As we embrace this new culture of remote collaboration, we face several hiring challenges, and finding the right talent on-demand becomes complicated and extremely time-consuming.

A New Way to Hire Marketing Talent Adadot, a SaaS startup based out of the UK, has developed an automated workflow with a set of tools to help companies assemble a remote stackable team for any marketing project. To address today’s quickly evolving workplace, this startup is creating a global community of pre-vetted marketers, media buyers and creative professionals. And by pinpointing the most qualified candidate that meets your project requirements, Adadot makes the hiring process fast, efficient and flexible.

A Worldwide Community of Marketing Talent  Whether you are looking to find a freelancer for a specific project or assemble a full-stack marketing team, the ‘ada’ algorithm will pull together a group of senior experts that match your request.

“Something that is becoming more and more important for high performing teams: removing bias . Our matching is done on a number of skills-based factors removing any other bias around colour, gender, age, or location.”


CMO Services on Demand For the companies that are looking to figure out their marketing goals and develop a holistic marketing strategy, the CMO service is a great place to start. A dedicated CMO can advice you on channels, budgets, goals and team structure. 

 Skills-based Hiring is a New normal There’s never been a higher demand for quality marketing talent than there is now. In order to produce thriving marketing initiatives, companies requite to hire specialists from different areas of expertise. Whether you are thinking to launch a multicultural campaign, looking to take advantage of a new media channel or planning to produce more B2B content, Adadot can be your single source of truth for hiring marketing talent. To learn more visit

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