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All-In One Engineering SaaS Asets Expands Into Canada

Luxembourg-based Integrated Design Suite (IDS) for engineers Asets has just announced the launch of its North Atlantic office in New Brunswick, Canada.

The office, which will serve as a base for a future team of five FTEs, is a strategic move to expand into a region with a high density of engineering companies.

“We are reinventing the way we deliver engineering projects and that requires a completely innovative, open, entrepreneurial mindset of members using our products,” Asets founder Ashwini Oke said, adding: “This is a strategic move to have our customer and technical support housed in New Brunswick.”

The Asets-CA office, which was officially launched in February 2023, received an undisclosed amount in equity from the New Brunswick Innovation Fund. It is also working closely with the University of New Brunswick.

“Universities, which are more focused on bringing newer solutions to the market, can play a very enhancing role with innovation-led startups and that’s also something that we are focused on,” Oke said.

Altogether, the first quarter has been a busy one for the startup, which was among the first to benefit from the Gener8tor Luxembourg accelerator programme and secured an undisclosed amount in seed funding through specialised tech VC Right Side Capital San Francisco.

Update courtesy of our content partner Silicon Luxembourg


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