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BlocHome Users Raise €1 Million

Author: Louis Juste

BlocHome, a fast, simple and secure platform that allows anyone to access the real estate market just raised €1 Million through 200 of its users.

Built to “give everyone access to real estate ownership,” BlocHome is an investment platform that enables anyone to invest in the real estate market. Starting with just €1K, users can start investing in the market at their own pace as soon as their accounts have been verified.

“We are proud to announce today that we have crossed the key milestone of €1 million in investments committed by our growing user community. Our long term vision is to create a worldwide real estate community where members will be able to adjust their property ownership and usage according to their personal needs,” says their press release.

Designed to be as simple as possible, users can buy and sell their stakes in a few simple clicks. This allows them to benefit as an owner of both monthly rental income and property appreciation

Purchasing parts of real estate will be legally represented by BlocHome Tokens. By buying these tokens, you become a co-owner of the company that own the real estate buildings. Legally, the tokens represent a share in the vehicle that owns the building.

Industry experts ensure that the real estate projects on their platform are of high quality. Currently, BlocHome’s pilot development in Cessange, Project Clapton is already being built, giving users the opportunity to become part-owners as soon as they join.

A fusion of tech and real estate players, BlocHome’s founding team is reflective of the real estates’ digital transformation.

Update courtesy f our content partner Silicon Luxembourg


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