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Collision Conference 2021: Startups Spotlight

Author - Lidia Vijga

The fastest-growing tech conference in North America went virtual again for the 2nd year to replicate the success of Collision From Home 2020. This year 38,069 attendees in 27 different industries from 141 countries gathered together to learn, connect and mingle. Over 1200 startups attended Collision Conference, this time again from the comfort of their home, and I absolutely enjoyed meeting some of the founders over the Mingle – the online networking feature that matched attendees based on the interests and the industry.

Baum’s Box

Baum’s Box is the first dietitian curated food box in Toronto. A Baum’s Box contains all the food staples your need to outfit one’s pantry! It contains over 30+ dietitian curated non-perishable food items, as well as a 50-page healthy eating toolkit, written by the founder and a registered dietitian Laura Baum. A Baum’s Box is a tool to help you start establishing healthy habits upon moving.

Baum’s Box is ideal for:

  • real estate agents who want to stand out and thank their clients

  • parents who want to help their adult child start building healthy habits

  • newlyweds moving into a new home together

  • corporate relocation clients in a new city

The GlobalPass

The GlobalPass is an Education Technology startup that connects you with international opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a job or want to study abroad, The GlobalPass simplifies the process and makes it easy for you to discover and apply to jobs and schools. What’s more is that the GlobalPass helps you settle into the new country by connecting you with amazing people, housing, and other resources in the community.

The GlobalPass is best for:

  • International Job Seekers

  • Students looking to study abroad

  • Educational agents & University recruiters looking to connect with new international students

  • International travellers looking for a visa


askBetty is a talent-as-a-service marketplace that connects entrepreneurs with remote virtual assistants using its proprietary algorithm. The app leverages Virtual Gurus’ community of Canadian- and US-based virtual assistants to help business owners achieve more in less time through the convenience of Slack.

The virtual assistant app is suitable for:

  • researching and sourcing quotes from the service provider

  • file re-formating

  • transcribing audio files

  • proofreading social media copy

  • scheduling and making reservations


Goodlawyer is a legal tech company on a mission to help more entrepreneurs succeed. The company connects business owners to lawyers with the expertise they need, all on a user-friendly platform at prices that are consistently less than half of the national average.

Goodlawyer offers friendly and knowledgeable Legal Concierge services to navigate the daunting world of Law — for free.

Here is how Legal Concierge assistance can help:

  • Identify which lawyers and services would be most helpful

  • Direct you to free resources and broker custom work packages with lawyers.

  • Provide technical support about the use of the Goodlawyer platform.

  • Provide resources like product sheets and upcoming events is a browser extension that detects stress in real-time and adapts your screen to make you feel better, elevate your mood and increase your productivity. Depending on the stress level, the extension suggests short 1 – 3 minute breaks, meditations, breathing exercises, or seated movements guided by founder CEO and breathwork expert Hannes Bend – all right at your workstation. is ideal for:

  • workers or students who spend hours per day on their screen

  • anyone who struggles to create healthy habits

  • companies looking to improve employee wellness and productivity

  • busy professionals who feel they don’t have time for meditation or breaks


Zeeon is a virtual city where people meet in artistic buildings to work with others, attend networking and public speaking events, or simply enjoy their time together. Every user is represented by a realistic customizable avatar and can move around, talk to others, send text messages, and share visuals—basically, anything you would typically do at offline events.

Zeeon space is ideal for:

  • Conference organizers who are looking to amaze their attendees, get in front of the press and provide event sponsors with incredible booth packages.

  • Companies who don’t want their employees to get bored with video meetings, AKA ‘faces in frames’.

  • Recruiters, sales reps, and marketers who participate in a lot of networking.


KYSSMET is a mobile app & platform that helps retailers understand their customers’ purchasing decisions, increase foot traffic and drive more in-store purchases. Once a user installs the mobile app, it provides a game-based experience that can only be used during in-store visits.

How KYSSMET works

  1. Pick & Scan: Consumers scan products in participating stores and discover items that are eligible for a discount.

  2. Play & Win: Consumers then play a game in the app for a chance to win a discount with every store visit.

  3. Buy & Share: Consumers buy the items they want with the discounts they’ve won and can share their discounts with their friends.

Ready Set Dinner

Ready set Dinner indefinitely puts an end to the daily dinner hassle. The company combines the convenience of meal kits with the personalized meal planning to replace long recipe searches and high planning efforts. Ready set Dinner curates a customized plan based on preferences, dietary habits, and time constraints. A personalized recipe plan with guided step-by-step cooking directions will be sent directly to your inbox every week, including an aggregated shopping list to save you time at the grocers.

Ready set Dinner is ideal for:

  • Parents who want to provide healthy meals for their family without losing their sanity over the planning and shopping efforts.

  • Singles and couples who want to eat healthy and spend less on take-out, but need inspiration and help with testing new recipes.

  • Independent, small-scale grocery retailers, who want to offer their customers a fully personalized shopping experience, gaining an edge over large retail chains.

  • Farmers and local food producers, who want to use the content and resources to help their customers figure out how to best use their delicious products.


AnonimA is a free face blurring tool that makes everyone in the photos safer. The startup strives to create tools for those who would like to protect their privacy in the era of facial recognition technology.

AnonimA is ideal for:

  • Those reporting injustice in oppressive regimes.

  • Journalists who want to respect the privacy of those they are photographing.

  • Protestors who post protest pictures to social media.

  • Anyone else who might want to blur out faces in a picture.


Sonero makes meetings much more efficient and productive using AI. The tool transcribes your video meetings into intelligent summaries, covering the key insights such as next steps, action items, conversation highlights and talking points. Using these intelligent recaps, you can easily search across all your meeting conversations, highlight key moments and share them automatically with your team to level up your productivity.

Sonero is ideal for:

  • Sales and customer success teams who want to level up their client meetings

  • Consulting and marketing agencies

  • Teams who want to drive action and accountability from their meetings

  • Anyone who is tired of taking meeting notes


Schmick is a mobile social app where people can anonymously connect with others nearby and freely express their opinions. The platform created a safe social media space with a new format of engagement, turning every post into a group chat.

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About the Author:

Lidia Vijga - Cofounder at BriefBid - a media navigator and a campaign planning tool that helps media buyers make better, faster and more cost-effective decisions. Lidia is also the publisher of Byvi a startup news site


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