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Dutch HR-tech startup Equalture raises €2.75 million

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Photo by ©Joris Den Blaauwen for Quote Magazine

Female-founded by twin-sisters Charlotte Melkert and Fleur Melkert, Equalture has just raised €2.75 million to help companies make unbiased, science-backed hiring decisions, by trusting on neuroscience instead of gut feeling.

The funding round was led by Dutch investment company of serial entrepreneur Pieter Schoen, Shoe Investments, joined by Dutch VC firm 4impact.

Charlotte Melkert, Co-Founder of Equalture, says, ‘’In this era of rapid technological innovations that we are living, it is unacceptable that hiring decisions are still based upon subjective first impressions that we allow our own biases to create. The most ironic and sad part of this story is that we all know that CVs aren’t predictive of hiring success and heavily increase biases, but still, we all stick to this screening method. Just because old habits are difficult to break through.”

Equalture is on a mission to shape the world of unbiased hiring for SMBs, by gamifying the hiring process. The platform helps companies make a hiring decision based on neuroscience instead of a gut feeling.

Based in Rotterdam, the inspiration for Equalture came from years of frustration experienced by the sisters while running a recruitment agency. They found candidates being wrongfully and unfairly judged by potential employers based on their resume and appearance, rather than their personality, passions and talents. Equalture was born in 2018 with the aim to address this problem.


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