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Exciting Startups In the Bay Area In 2022

The San Francisco Bay Area is a hub for tech companies and startups of all types, attracting an absurd amount of talent to one place. The gathering of talent and money is so intense that it would not be wrong to call the Bay Area the center of everything startup-related.

Additionally, many of these startups have innovative ideas and are driven by a compelling mission. They are ideal companies to watch because of how quickly they are growing and how big a change they could bring to the world. Keep reading to learn more about the amazing startups in the Bay Area.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a dominant force in the tech world, and it is permeating every facet of people’s lives. Labelbox makes that easier, focusing on allowing companies to handle things like training data, people, and processes all together in one place. This saves time and effort and enables companies to focus on their goals and mission. While that might be an oversimplification of what Labelbox does, it is an incredibly useful solution compared to homegrown AI tools. In fact, with Labelbox, you get a mature data-labeling infrastructure. Because of this, the training data is consistent and accurate. Moreover, it scales easily and can be customized as needed. Labelbox is an impressive company that has already become wildly successful since its start in 2018. Some of the companies that utilize Labelbox are Warner Brothers, Allstate, and Caption Health.


Ecommerce as a whole is a dominant force in today’s world. And it is only getting larger thanks to voice ecommerce and other emerging trends. Therefore, a company like Fast, which offers solutions to make online buying better, is a clear winner. Some of the ways fast improves online buying include:

  • Fast Login, which allows people to log into their accounts with a single click

  • Fast Checkout, which enables people to make a purchase with a single click

The overarching theme is absolute ease of use, with a single click taking care of otherwise multi-step processes. The best part is that the entire system is built with user-friendliness and a smooth design. That means no logins, no passwords, no captchas, and not a bit of hassle. Founded in 2019 by Allison Barr Allen and Domm Holland, the company has already attracted significant interest. Not only are they growing fast, but after gathering over $120 million in funding between 2020 and 2021, they are poised to go even further. Replicant

One of the best uses for AI technology is the customer service industry. An example of this is basic chatbots, which allow people to connect with businesses whenever they want. But Replicant takes things to a whole new level using AI-powered voice technology that elevates interacting with customers on the phone.

The technology is incredibly sophisticated, to the point that conversations using their AI technology mimic true human interactions. Not only does the technology allow for fewer mistakes, but it also ensures customer satisfaction. The best part is that the Replicant Thinking Machine™ reduces costs overall while increasing efficiency.

Replicant started in 2017 and has received around $35 million in funding. The company is one to watch in the coming year, especially with the increase in AI technology and its use in the customer service industry. Cerebral More than ever, the worlds of health and technology are colliding. Telemedicine and online and remote healthcare are receiving deserved attention, and one company that demonstrates the growth is Cerebral. Founded in 2020, Cerebral is focused on helping people take care of their emotional and mental health.

Traditionally, telemedicine focused on physical health, mainly in response to the pandemic and the risks of in-person doctor visits. But the scope has since broadened, encapsulating all forms of treatment. With Cerebral, conditions like anxiety, depression, and ADHD are the focus.

Cerebral offers services like prescriber visits, care counseling, and prescription delivery in a single place. And it has seen a lot of success since its launch, raising an impressive total of around $460 million in funding.

Carbon Health

Carbon Health is another example of health and tech coming together to create something spectacular. The company delivers virtual healthcare that is accessible and takes care of users every step of the way. There are a variety of features offered through Carbon Health’s app, which include things like:

  • Same-day appointments booked through the app for a variety of professionals

  • The ability to chat with your health team about a range of things on the phone

  • Prescriptions that are sent to your local pharmacy or right to your door

  • Medical charts, health records, and test results all in one place

The app is one of many that moves healthcare firmly into the 21st century. It even works as a coronavirus testing tool. Moreover, the company has set up urgent care and COVID-19 testing locations in California and across the country.

Although founded in 2015, Carbon Health is already becoming a big player in the health-tech industry. Proof of that is its growth and spread. Then there is the funding, with Carbon Health receiving more than $520 million in financing across nine funding rounds. The most recent round in 2021 brought in around $350 million on its own. DataGrail The data privacy laws passed within the last few years have given more power to the people. The change has been so massive that it has shifted the landscape entirely, changing how companies collect data and market to potential customers. It has also added complexity when it comes to companies being compliant. DataGrail’s goal is to ensure compliance for its customers by utilizing its automated software. The software does things like mapping an organization’s datasets and synchronizing user privacy preferences. Using DataGrail, it all becomes effortless, and the possibility of human error during the process is minimized.

Founded in 2018, DataGrail has remained at the forefront of data privacy compliance. The company’s customers include Netgear, Crunchbase, and Databricks, and they have secured more than $39 million in funding.


The importance of APIs to web development is immense, and RapidAPI makes finding them much easier. The startup provides a hub that allows developers to find, manage, and connect with the APIs they need. Not only does it save time, but it leads to a better end product, which is better for everyone.

The goal of this startup resonates with a lot of people, especially since tech and the advancement of web development are so important. Because of that, RapidAPI has managed to secure more than $120 million in funding since its start in 2015. They have even made a few acquisitions to further advance the company and idea. Chipper Cash

Chipper Cash is an interesting company. Although the startup operates out of the Bay Area, it focuses on transactions in, to, and from Africa. It markets itself as a way to move money freely without worrying about borders, with free transfers and low cross-borders rates. Moreover, the stats are impressive, with Chipper Cash boasting:

  • A user base exceeding four million people

  • Over 40,000 new users per day

  • An average transaction time of 0.03 seconds

  • More than 80,000 transactions per day

The fintech company makes it easier to operate in Africa. Moreover, using their platform is as easy as sending a text. It is no wonder they are growing quickly. In fact, while founded in 2018, the company has already raised more than $300 million in funding, with $250 million coming from 2021 alone. Tempo

Tempo is one of the fastest-growing startups in San Francisco. After the pandemic occurred, many people found themselves wanting to stay at home. The trend increased the popularity of telehealth, remote work, and many other convenient apps and services. Tempo does the same but with exercise.

The key aspect of Tempo is how it combines various technologies to elevate the home gym experience. It utilizes equipment, guidance, and motivation like many other programs. However, it also uses AI and 3D sensors to give detailed real-time feedback that changes the game when attempting a proper workout at home.

Although founded in 2015, Tempo’s rise to prominence is relatively recent. The company’s Series A funding in 2019 brought in around $17 million, but the Series B and C funding in 2020 and 2021 saw a combined investment of $280 million reach the company.


ZeroDown is a really interesting concept when it comes to finding a home. The real estate tech company provides affordable homeownership solutions that push aside the rent-or-own dilemma. Essentially, ZeroDown comes with the benefits of owning a home while remaining flexible. The company also provides in-depth insights that reveal more about the area and home. They even have a live real estate market that displays price drops and new homes as they become available.

Since its founding in 2018, ZeroDown underwent four rounds of funding, resulting in over $130 million in total. While ZeroDown might not be growing as rapidly as some other startups on the list, the unique idea is appealing, especially in areas where homes require a massive down payment.


Flexible might be the perfect word to describe Notion. It is a management and collaboration app that allows users to do multiple tasks in one place. The tasks include note-taking, task management, and project management. But really, even that explanation does not do it justice, especially since it can help:

  • Connect teams, projects, and docs that allow everyone to move as one

  • Keep knowledge and tasks side-by-side to ensure context is clear

  • Build customized setups to deal with any workflow

  • Provide community-made templates, integrations, and events

There is a lot to gain from using Notion, even if the goal is only to have a customizable, unique workspace that does everything you need. And the usefulness is not lost on big companies, with names like Spotify and Pixar trusting Notion with their management and collaboration needs.

In 2021, Notion raised $275 million in funding, making it its best year since its founding in 2016. Moreover, with many people working online and remotely, the need for a flexible online collaboration app is more needed than ever. Cribl Cribl is a startup with tremendous potential that has already seen rapid growth in the short time since its founding in 2017. The company offers businesses a solution that simplifies big data and log analytics. And it all happens using the company’s real-time data pipeline. Through Cribl’s LogStream, observability data can be routed where it has the most value. Doing this reduces costs, improves performance, and enhances the data. Overall, it gets the data that people want to where it needs to go while ensuring that it is in the proper format. Data is a complex topic, making it difficult for many people to properly grasp. Cribl makes things easier, and its approach has gathered a lot of attention. Not only is it growing rapidly, but the company has received more than $250 million over three rounds of funding.


Remote work emerged as a major sector during the pandemic. Moreover, it continues to grow, with many companies and people realizing the convenience and effectiveness brought through remote work. Deel exists to simplify things, providing a payment and compliance platform that is fantastic for working with remote contractors.

The platform does more than simply allow localized compliance and automated payments. It also includes contracts and templates that make dealing with tax forms, contracts, and more incredibly easy. Plus, it all comes with fantastic customer support that ensures any problem gets resolved quickly. Founded in 2018, Deel is one of the fastest-growing startups in the Bay Area by far. Not only has Deel seen rapid employee growth over the past few years, but the amount of funding the company received in 2021 alone reached around $580 million.


In a world where ecommerce is such a massive industry, shipping is a major issue. Fortunately, some companies help ship products for you, taking care of the logistics hurdle and making life easier. Deliverr is one such startup, with the company offering 2-day delivery across a variety of channels, including:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Shopify

  • Walmart

  • Wish

The quick fulfillment adds reliability and affordability vital to a growing merchant. Not only does it lead to higher customer satisfaction, but in most cases, it leads to increased sales. Moreover, bonuses are available for eligible customers at no additional cost to the merchant. Founded in 2017, Deliverr is already a popular name in the space. Moreover, investors have given funding in the range of $490 million overall, with $420 million arriving in 2021. Because of that, Deliverr is expected to grow rapidly over the course of the year. Substack

Subscription-based services have become exceedingly popular, with platforms like Patreon making a killing. Even giants like YouTube have started adding subscription-based options to their channels. Substack takes that same idea and applies it to a sleek platform for writers, opening up another avenue.

The platform allows writers to publish their work and create a newsletter, which delivers their content to those that subscribe. By doing this, writers can share their content and make money while doing it. Moreover, the content on the site is vast, ensuring there is something for everyone.

Substack first appeared in 2017, and it recently gained traction. In fact, in 2021, it received Series B funding of $65 million, taking its total funding to around $82 million. Postscript

There are many marketing tools on the market, and one increasingly popular channel for communicating with customers is SMS. In fact, for many companies, it is a completely untapped channel to speak with customers and increase revenue. Some of the things that Postscript helps its clients do is:

  • Grow Subscriber Lists – It helps companies build their subscriber lists

  • Make More Sales – It includes many tools that convert visitors into purchasers

  • Retain Customers – Engages and nurtures customer relationships

  • Deliver Great Service – Provides high-quality support to customers

Postscript allows a new revenue channel to open, and it automates things for easy use. Moreover, it gives users the ability to launch targeted campaigns that lead to an increased return on investment (ROI).

Analytics and ecommerce are two important industries, and Postscript sits firmly within both of them. It provides a powerful service, and although it has only been around since 2018, there is already plenty of interest in what the company is doing.


There is nothing new about extended warranties. In fact, for many people, hearing the word extended warranty is a bit of a trigger. However, Extend makes the world of extended warranties more barrable for sellers and buyers alike. It works so well that it improves numerous aspects of the process, with benefits that include:

  • Incremental revenue from each protection plan sold using extend

  • Tailed coverage to give customers exactly what they need

  • Rapid claims that improve customer satisfaction

  • Extend redirecting customers to your site for their replacement purchase

  • Machine learning to optimize the presentation and pricing of plans

Adding Extend to a site increases the bottom line and improves customer satisfaction. It is an easy way to step things up without doing much more yourself. Moreover, Extend’s APIs and ecommerce platform integrations make it a painless process.

Since its founding in 2019, Extend has raised over $320 million in funding. Moreover, they are already working with many brands, including Peloton, Robot, and Brilliant Earth. Tonal

Tonal is another example of fitness reimagined, with their equipment providing an entirely new workout experience. The combination of science and technology delivers a workout backed by science and makes working out more rewarding. Some of what the Tonal system features:

  • Patented adaptive weight system that delivers a smooth experience

  • An incredible 200lbs of resistance in a compact device

  • Personalized feedback with real-time feedback

  • Data and analytics to see growth

  • Guided workouts and custom routines

Tonal includes everyone someone might need to step up their workout game. And because it caters to the individual, it is perfect for serious athletes and those simply looking for a great workout at home.

The company began operation in 2015, and it has grown tremendously in the current climate. Overall, Tonal has received around $450 million in funding, with plenty of people showing interest in the mix of AI and exercise.

Abnormal Security

Abnormal Security provides a niche but necessary service to companies. It protects against targeted email attacks. While it might not seem like a problem to many companies, it can be a serious issue. After all, a single targeted email attack can result in some serious problems, including:

  • Account Takeover

  • Financial Damage

  • Organizational Mistrust

Abnormal Security uses Abnormal Behavior Technology (ABX) to ensure these problems do not plague their clients. ABX models the identity of employees and other senders, profiles relationships, and analyzes email content. Moreover, Abnormal Security does all of this without disrupting business.

Founded in 2018, Abnormal Security already has quite a reputation. The startup has raised over $70 million in funding, and it is growing in scale by the day. It is one of many Bay Area startups to keep an eye on.

Sofar Ocean

The ocean is considered by many to be an untapped resource. Not only is a large amount of it unmapped, but it represents a large amount of usable space. Sofar Ocean is a company with its eyes on the ocean. In fact, the company engages in many projects, doing things like:

  • Improve shipping routes using their ocean intelligence network

  • Provide devices for marine research and expeditions

  • Give clients climate insights to help with offshore energy pursuits

Sofar Ocean provides valuable data about the ocean, which can be used for various purposes. They also offer specialized products, the Spotter and Smart Mooring. The all-in-one ocean surface weather station is an innovative product capable of providing real-time data to users.

Sofar Ocean is a startup to keep an eye on. It was founded in 2016 and has raised around $46 million in funding. But since most of its funding came toward the end of 2021, you can expect to see big things soon.

Final Thoughts

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to a massive number of startups, with the ones featured here only scratching the surface. Moreover, in the fast-moving world of tech, startups appear all the time. Therefore, you should always keep your eye on the Bay Area, especially if you are interested in up-and-comers.

Article courtesy of our content partner site Grit Daily


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