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Fintor Launches Fractional Real Estate Investing and Announces $6.2m in Additional Funding

Updated: Oct 18, 2022, Hustle Fund, 500 Global, VU Ventures, Graphene all contributed to the funding extension

Next-gen fintech platform reinvents real estate investing for Gen Z and Millennials starting at $5

PALO ALTO, Calif.--Fintor, the next-gen fintech company enabling easy access to invest in real estate, today announced the launch of its mobile-first platform on both iOS and Android devices. This news comes in tandem with the platform’s funding extension, raising an additional $6.2M, bringing its total funding to-date to $9M. Notable investors within the round include, Hustle Fund, 500 Global, VU Ventures, Graphene Ventures and angel investors, including real estate influencer Manny Khoshbin, Andy Madadian, Cindy Bi and Marcus Ridgway, co-founder of Invitation Homes.

“We’re on a mission to not only democratize but demystify the real estate market for individuals who are new to investing and looking to make a smart investment in an asset class that previously wasn’t available to these novice investors.”

Fintor provides the ordinary person the means of diversifying their investment portfolio to include real estate without the hassle it takes to actually own property. Fintor is breaking down barriers with its investing platform by opening access for anyone to invest in real estate the same way everyday investors can take part in stocks and crypto. The platform does this by purchasing rental properties, securitizing the asset, and issuing shares of an LLC that owns a property. Through its proprietary Initial Realty Offering (“IRO”), Fintor launched its first investment properties based in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee.

Fintor is fully qualified under the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC’s) Regulation A status. This positioning enables the company to support non-accredited investors, who have traditionally been sidelined from investing on real estate investment platforms. With this qualification, Fintor is looking to bring on millions of first time real estate investors from the younger generations onto the platform.

“Real estate, as an asset class, is one of the most critical parts in diversifying a person’s portfolio to create robust positioning. We know first-hand just how hard it can be to secure enough funds and navigate the complex process to start investing in real estate, which is why most Millennials and Gen-Zers haven’t considered investing in real estate. It shouldn’t be this difficult. This is why we’re building Fintor,” said Farshad Yousefi, CEO and cofounder at Fintor. “We’re on a mission to not only democratize but demystify the real estate market for individuals who are new to investing and looking to make a smart investment in an asset class that previously wasn’t available to these novice investors.”

Here’s How It Works Fintor users can download the app on either iOS or Android to create their account. Once verified, users can start investing in a Fintor property under the IRO with as little as $5 and no surprise user fees. In keeping with Fintor's mission to democratize access to real estate, no user can invest in more than 10% of the total property value of each asset. Users can buy and sell the shares of an investment property, similar to how assets are traded on the public markets. Shareholders of a property will receive monthly dividends (or passive income) from the rental income and benefit overtime from the appreciation of the property.

Beyond opening access for trading real estate, Fintor encourages users to stay up-to-date on the industry at large through its dedicated in-app newsfeed, The Hub. Through this feature, users can access relevant news across trade media, LinkedIn, Twitter and more to gain insights from industry experts and market leaders in the real estate space. Furthermore, Fintor is building a community within its platform. Users have the ability to directly chat with their fellow investors, creating camaraderie over shared investments.

“Real estate is a great investment to make, but the hardest aspect of getting started is saving the initial capital and navigating the complex home-buying processes.. Fintor is revolutionizing this asset class by opening access for its users to invest in a market that has historically ostracized young investors,” said Elizabeth Yin, General Partner and cofounder at Hustle

Fund. “Our mission at Hustle Fund has always been to support the companies paving the way for future generations. That is exactly what Fintor is doing and we couldn’t be more excited to work alongside Farshad and the team.”

Starting today, Fintor will gradually welcome its 20,000+ waitlist subscribers as new users on a first come, first served basis. The additional funding that was raised will further allow Fintor to continue growing its user base while expanding its number of investment properties. In the first part of 2023, Fintor is looking to rapidly expand across the country into 20+ markets. This expansion will be introducing $50,00,000+ worth of investment opportunity for its user base. Fintor is available for download in the App Store and on Google Play. For more information about Fintor, please visit

About Fintor Fintor is a first-of-its-kind mobile real estate investing platform that allows users to buy and sell fractional shares of real estate properties with as little as $5. Fintor’s mission is to truly democratize real estate investing for all and provide access and liquidity to the real estate markets for investors, property owners, and new participants. Founded by successful entrepreneurs Farshad Yousefi and Masoud Jalali, Fintor is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA and backed by top-tier venture firms including Hustle Fund, Graphene Ventures,, 500 Startups, and Vibe Capital and angel investors including Manny Khoshbin, Cindy Bi and Marcus Ridgway. Visit to download the free app for iOS or Android.

  • The new round values Fintor at $80M.

  • The company's investors include, Hustle Fund, VU Ventures, and Graphene Ventures.

  • Fintor has raised $9M from investors so far.

  • The company is qualified under SEC regulation to allow investors to buy fractional stakes in its properties.

  • Investors can contribute as little as $5 to buy a fraction of single-family properties that Fintor owns across the U.S.


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