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French Crypto Asset Investment Firm Coinhouse Raises €40 Million

Author: Jess Bauldry

Investors include ODDO BHF bank, True Global Ventures, Tioga Capital, XAnge Siparex Innovation, Raise Ventures, CF Partners, ConsenSys, Expon Capital as well as several major French families and business leaders.

“I am proud of our team and the progress we have made in 5 years. We have gone from 5 employees to over 100, from a crypto exchange business, subsidiary of Ledger, to an independent scale-up that has raised a total of nearly €50M with renowned French and international investors and international investors, including a European bank,”

said Coinhouse co-founder and CEO Nicolas Louvet, adding:

“The future of financial services, payments and the web3 will be driven by the the development of cryptos and therefore inevitably by that of players such as Coinhouse, who make them accessible and Coinhouse that make them accessible and usable by all.”

The funding round will allow Coinhouse to develop new crypto asset management business products, increase and ease access to crypto payments for individuals and companies, and accelerate its international expansion.

Established in 2015 as a cryptocurrency management and transactions services company, today Coinhouse’s products and services enable individuals and businesses to invest in around 50 crypto-assets as well as use crypto savings products, through its public mobile application or Crypto Private Banking service.

In early 2022, Coinhouse opened up to the world of crypto payments and the needs of brands and and the needs of brands and merchants who address the Web3 (an internet based on decentralisation and based on decentralisation and ownership).

As a Digital Asset Service Provider registered in France and Luxembourg, Coinhouse has assisted more than 20 major French and international international brands by enabling them to acquire and securely hold land in Metaverses, or Metaverses, or to accept crypto payments immediately converted into euros for the sale of for the sale of objects or NFTs, without having to manage the complexity of a portfolio or the management of volatile assets.

Article courtesy of our content Partner Silicon Luxembourg

About the Author

Jess Bauldry -

Jess trained and worked for several newspapers in the UK before moving to Luxembourg in 2010 where she worked as a full-time reporter for the Luxemburger Wort and Delano. In her free time, she writes fiction, cycles and performs stand-up comedy.


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