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GAMMA Technologies Raises €1 Million In Seed Round From Husqvarna Group

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Author - Louis Juste

GAMMA Technologies, the Luxembourg-based startup seeking to promote “paperless construction sites” through advanced Augmented Reality (AR) technologies raises €1 Million during Seed Round. Secured through the support of internationally renowned Husqvarna Group, this investment will allow the company to take its next steps and spread awareness about the benefits of AR.

While AR has yet to break into mainstream culture, it is already seeing promising results in some specialized industries. GAMMA AR, the innovative app developed by Fit 4 Start winner GAMMA Technologies is among the AR solutions delivering such results.

After a successful integration in the Luxembourg-City Incubator at the House of Startups, GAMMA Technologies can add yet another accolade to their name since raising €1 Million during the Seed Round.

Founded in 2019, the Luxembourg-based startup has big plans for the future of construction. Indeed, with the help of their GAMMA AR application, the multinational team is seeking to promote “paperless construction sites”.

“The investment from Husqvarna Group will accelerate the revolution of the construction industry and spread awareness about the benefits of using AR technologies on the jobsite, “ says Caner Dolas, CEO & Co-founder, GAMMA Technologies.

Digital construction

With the backing of Husqvarna Group, a global leading producer of outdoor power products and care solutions, GAMMA Technologies also adds an impressive name to their resume.

“We look forward to a close collaboration with the GAMMA team and to capture learnings to accelerate the evolvement of our (construction) business,” says Mark Johnson, Vice President Corporate Venture Capital, Husqvarna Group.

By connecting field and office, GAMMA AR helps its clients improve communication on real-times issues, track progress, prevent errors, increase efficiencies of different tasks – adding up to potential savings of up to 10% of total construction costs.

With the help of their partners, GAMMA AR has managed to establish itself as a useful and commercially viable product. It has been used on over 2,400 construction projects and been tested in more than 150 countries.

While AR products are yet to be adopted by the consumer market, solutions such as GAMMA Technologies’ GAMMA AR are indicative of AR’s powerful capabilities. When industries as reliant on physical products and services as construction are going digital, it becomes impossible to deny the disruptive potential of today’s technologies.

About the Author

Louis is a freelance journalist covering startups, the digital economy and anything else Charles-Louis lets him write about. He has a background in the environmental sciences and works part-time at a solar energy start-up in The Netherlands.

Article courtesy of our content partner site Silicon Luxembourg


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