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Mikoh Chen - Gold House

I recently interviewed Mikkoh Chen Cofounder at Gold House in-house accelerator Gold Rush Gold House is the premier nonprofit collective of Asian founders, creative voices, and leaders dedicated to unifying the world’s largest populace–Asians–to enable more authentic multicultural representation and societal equity.

The collective's members include C-Suite/Partner/President-level executives, A-List creatives, Olympic-level athletes, and successfully-exited founders. Its ventures include a slate of efforts to forge deeper bonds including networking Salons that unlock new professional opportunities; investment vehicles that enable authentic representation like #GoldOpen and content financing; promotional systems that systematically support Asian founders like Gold Rush; a network of caregivers to elongate longevity; and celebratory efforts like the A100 List that honors historic Asian achievements.

Gold Rush is a 12-week accelerator purpose-built to partner with and scale Asian-led businesses across the United States

Listen to my ParlayMe Power Players Podcast with Mikkoh Chen here:


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