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Pledger is a new UK based Social-Impact Platform

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Pledger is a new UK based social-impact platform making it easy for online

retailers to partner with charitable causes and raise money.

As the world of retail moves beyond products and services, consumers today are

looking for more in the businesses they purchase from. The modern consumer wants to

see the companies they shop from make an effort to support worthwhile causes and

often times this is the difference maker when purchasing. Pledger Giving UK is a Shopify

App that makes this process seamless for both online retailers and customers.

"Brand values are more important than ever to consumers, and studies show that investment in social impact partnerships has a positive ROI. It's a win, win, win, for charities, retailers, and consumers.”

Mariya Kupriyenko, CEO at Pledger, said:

The United Kingdom is the second most charitable country in the world and now online

businesses and their customers can easily and effectively participate in impact giving.

Pledger had a limited launch in the Shopify App Store earlier this year and is now

available to any online retailer looking to add social impact giving to their stores this

holiday season. Simply install the app, select your charity of choice, and Pledger takes

care of the rest.

A few charities we are promoting this holiday season:

● Crisis - Help someone take their first steps out of homelessness

● AKT - Safe homes for LGBTQ+ young people

● FTCT - Supporting the children of UK fashion and textile families since 1853


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