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Tesla Supercharges all EV vehicles in Netherlands

Tesla announced that it is expanding access to the Supercharger network for non-Tesla electric cars to all stations in the Netherlands.

According to the story by TechCrunch, the recent announcement actually makes a pilot program expansion which initially kicked off in November 2021 with just ten stations.

Interest regarding opening up Tesla's Supercharger networks to allow other EVs in the summer of the same year was also expressed by CEO Elon Musk.

Over the last year, we have been reporting on Tesla ramping up its effort to open the Supercharger network, its extensive global network of fast-charging stations, to electric vehicles from other automakers.

Tesla, unlike other automakers, operates quite an "expansive proprietary network" that in the past has not allowed electric vehicles coming from other automakers to charge. As of the moment, there are now 30,000 Supercharging stations around the world which originally started being built in 2012.

In November 2021, we saw Tesla take the first step in that direction with a pilot program running at 10 Supercharger stations in the Netherlands where non-Tesla EV owners can charge using the Tesla app.

When announcing the new pilot program, Tesla said that it planned to slowly expand it as it tests the user experience for both new non-Tesla EV owners being onboarded on the network and current Tesla owners who are going to see more traffic at those charging stations.

Last month, the automaker announced that the program is expanding to more stations in Norway and France.

This reportedly gives Tesla a "competitive playground" in order for them to be able to further test the pilot program. As of the moment, there are 33 Tesla stations in the Netherlands and an additional 18 are expected to come soon as per the official Tesla website.


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