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The Blockhouse Technology Ltd partners with MetaBank Pte

Author: Jess Bauldry

The Blockhouse Technology (Photo: The Blockhouse Technology)

Luxembourg/UK Fintech The Blockhouse Technology Ltd (TBTL), has partnered with MetaBank Pte Ltd to improve financial access and digital services in Southeast Asia. TBTL is a leading provider of blockchain and digital asset custody solutions, offering secure, scalable, and user-friendly services, enabling institutions to seamlessly manage digital assets while adhering to cutting-edge security standards.

As part of the agreement, MetaBank Pte will use The Blockhouse’s advanced custody solution, which it developed through a collaboration between research and development teams in Oxford, Zagreb, and Luxembourg.

The solution will securely store and manage digital assets. With support from the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology, the custody solution will be marketed and sold through the Luxembourg office, taking advantage of the country’s flexible legal framework and supportive policies.

The collaboration ultimately aims to enhance financial inclusion and facilitate access to essential financial services for underserved communities in Southeast Asia, benefiting millions of people.

Petra Krizan, MD of TBTL in Luxembourg, said:

“By combining our expertise with Metabank’s commitment to financial innovation, we are confident that we can make a lasting impact on the lives of millions.”

Frank Sui, Founder and CEO of MetaBank Pte, added: “By leveraging their [TBTL] state-of-the-art custody service, we can provide our customers with secure and seamless access to a wide range of digital financial services, including CBDCs and digital citizenship platforms.”


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