Unagi E500: The Luxury Brand of Scooters

They are fun, fast and the latest in luxury scooters. Amanda Kelly from Women Love Tech asked four people to take the Unagi E500 for a spin on Miami Beach in the Gold Coast, Queensland, to get their verdict.

Far from being naff, these days commuting to work on the latest eBike or eScooter is trendy and not to mention, sustainable. At WLT, we’ve been having some fun testing out the latest models available from Panmi and we think the Unagi E500 scooter will appeal to a wide audience with its chic design and dual motor that will propel you up hills without breaking a sweat. Consider this your call to be carefree and scoot.

The minimalist deign of the Unagi comes from the creative brain of entrepreneur David Hyman, former CEO of Beats and pioneer in the landscape of technology and media. Pegged as the leading electric scooter by major publications, Unagi has been described as the Tesla of scooters.

We asked a group of four friends to take the Unagi E500 for a spin and rank its performance for versatility, sustainability and fun. Here’s what they had to say.


With its minimalist design and light weight carbon frame, the Unagi E500 is the perfect companion for on-the-go. It’s easy to use, foldable design with just one click means you can carry it with you or store away when not in use. This is definitely an urban dwellers dream.

Tanya Rose, business owner from the Gold Coast, says: “I can see me and the girls getting on these and going from the Pilates bar to an actual bar.”

Photographer Carlo O’Brien, said it would be perfect for commuting. “I’m a travel photographer so if I had this scooter I would take it around, stop, take my camera out, take some photos, hop back on it and ride away. It’s convenient, it’s great for the commute, I love it”, says Carlo.

Photographer Carlo O’Brien. Videographer Cassie Daniels


It’s no secret that going electric is the way of the future. The Unagi E500 lives up to its reputation of being a luxury scooter with a powerful dual motor, enough to ride up hills and replace the need for a car or bus on your morning commute. The zero-emission scooter can ride up to 25km and has three different riding modes.

Nicole Rowles, journalist from Brisbane, says: “I drive every single day and I spend so much money on petrol. I would love to use the Unagi because I know that it would save me on petrol costs, it would be really efficient for those days that I know I’m only making short trips and I know as well that it would get me out of traffic which is such a huge blessing when saving time.”

Photographer Carlo O’Brien. Videographer Cassie Daniels

Fun Factor:

Luxury and style is the cornerstone of Unagi’s design, and also what makes it so fun. It comes in four colours and sports three driving modes: Eco (14-18 km/h) for the leisure riders, Standard (18-21km/h) for the commuters and for the speed demons, Professional (24-25 km/h).

“I was really nervous but I was surprised by how easy it was to ride, I felt safe”, says Nicole Rowles, journalist from Bri