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AI data analytics startup Zortify raises €3.05m

The finance will enable the firm to focus further on natural language processing technology and computational visualisation while accelerating sales of its AI-based solutions.

Founded in September 2018, Zortify specialises in personality analytics which help with corporate recruitment processes.

“We are very proud of our journey so far. Our AI is able to translate the most complex (text) data into understandable insights. By generating additional layers of information that are not visible to the human eye, our product solutions are at the cutting edge of technology. In this way, we aim to empower our customers to make better and more sustainable decisions,” said Zortify co-founder Dr Marcus Heidbrink.

A Zortify spokesperson told Silicon that a family office provided most of the finance, with the remainder raised from private investors. The investment will enable the company to expand its team size from the current 20 to 30 by the end of 2022.

Zortify will continue to expand existing products and progress in the areas of computational visualization as well as sales and marketing, and nlp-based solutions research.

A spokesperson said: “Our goal is to make augmented intelligence technology available to everyone. For all relevant decisions.”

Recently, Zortify launched two new products: Zortify Select and instant High Performance Teaming. The former creates an AI-driven report providing personality insights for HR professionals and candidates. The latter is a digital platform accompanying teams through decision-making processes of high performance.

Zortify has offices at the Luxembourg City Incubator, and in Cologne, Germany. Startup co-founder and CEO Prof. Dr. Florian Feltes said: “By using groundbreaking technologies, Zortify is well on track to be a leader in Deep Tech in the field of Natural Langue Processing. Here is the chance to close the current need gap and become one of the leading companies. The current investment round gives us the chance to further strengthen our great team and be even faster in development.”

Interview courtesy of our content partner site Silicon Luxembourg


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