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AI/Data Science Global Virtual Summit

Sponsored by Knowledge Hut

If you're looking for what the next frontier in AI and Data Science is then look no further than AI/Data Science Global Virtual Summit sponsored by KnowledgeHut

July 16, 2020 | 9am - 2pm EST

This year’s Virtual Summit will focus on the theme, AI is for Everyone!


  • Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence is for Everyone

  • Life, Deep Space Shuttle, and Artificial Intelligence

  • How Big Data provides insight into upskilling and reskilling in the new Normal after COVID19

  • Best Practices for Progress in the New Normal

  • Responsible AI Part II

  • How AI Can be used by everyone in any profession

  • Feature a Special Presentation by DevOps on “DevOps in todays New Normal”

This Global Virtual Summit creates an inspiring and inclusive platform that influences responsible AI, social accountability, and a commitment to our world's sustainability. Together, we will embark onto the next decade. Dedicated to strengthening leadership, empowering the NextGen, and positively impacting organizations worldwide.


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