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An Honest Conversation: Startup Founders' Worries and Fears

October 14th 11am London Time

Antler VC is excited to announce that Antler VC and Female Founders are teaming up to host a series of in-person and online events, touring through Europe’s most exciting startup hubs.

Next stop – Amsterdam!

Fearless. Hustle. Resilience. Boldness. Grit. Resourceful. Innovative. Creative. No sleep.

At times, it can feel like entrepreneurs are expected to be superhumans. Some of them might even be. However, they are still humans – with all the fears and worries that come with it. The ‘hustle mindset’ has a firm grip around the startup ecosystem, however, we need to be more honest about how brutal it is to be a founder. On October 14th, Sinem Tuncar, co-founder of Arkive, and Katharina Riederer, co-founder of Pointless Travel, will share their stories, fears, and worries. The fireside chat will be followed by smaller, interactive break-out roundtables hosted by some of Antler’s and Female Founders' coaches, partners, and mentors, for you to share your thoughts and to make valuable connections. NOTE: The fireside chat is open to everyone, and for the roundtables, we reserve the virtual seats for women.



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