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Apple CEO Tim Cook Admits to Lack of Women in Tech - says ‘no good excuses’

Apple CEO Tim Cook admitted to the lack of women in the technology sector. In an interview with BBC, Cook said that there were

"no good excuses"

for the lack of women in the tech industry. Slamming almost all tech firms of the silicon valley, he said that the tech sector needed more women to achieve greater heights. He added that technology

"will not achieve nearly what it could achieve"

without a more diverse workforce.

He also said he thought Augmented Reality (AR), and the concept of the Metaverse, were "profound."

"In the future people will wonder how we lived without AR,"

he says.

"We're investing a tonne in that space."

According to a PWC “women in tech” report, just 23 per cent of the people working in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) roles across the UK are female.

Only five per cent of leadership positions in the technology industry are held by women.

The report also found 78 per cent of students couldn’t name a famous female working in tech.


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