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Artechouse Miami

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Author: Ben Yurcisin

We are excited to announce that we sent our dedicated ParlayMe NFT reporting team to Art Basel Miami to report on the Artechouse Miami show.

It was more than just an immersive experience of art+tech; it was more of a deep insight into African art and culture. Titled AṢẸ: AFRO FREQUENCIES, inspired by the West African concept relating to our power to produce change, this exhibit truly showcased the power of African culture in a mix of traditional and futuristic styles of art as seen through the lens of artists Vince Fraser and Ursula Rucker.

“Bridging the gap between fantasy and reality, Afro-surrealist Vince Fraser’s mission is to inspire and empower positive, powerful imagery of the African diaspora.
Fraser regards himself as a new breed of artist in the digital age—combining elements of film and motion with his keen eye for detail and playful visual experimentation.
Over twenty years as a digital illustrator, Fraser has collaborated with a variety of institutions including Nike, Toyota, MTV, and more.”

Our ParlayMe Reporters Ben Yurcisin and Sissa Belfiore

The main exhibit began with a futuristic scene of a city skyline with powerful symbolism floating in the sky in a true afro-surrealism fashion. With the motion art covering all walls of the room, Artechouse truly created an atmosphere that felt like you were inside of the experience, rather than viewing it from an external lens. As the art evolved and developed into different forms, the background music intensified as powerful spoken word poetry by Ursale Rucker filled the room, involving all of the senses of the viewers - or should I say, engagers - to truly FEEL the experience and power of African culture.

As we progressed from the main exhibit to the many other interactive displays, we had a chance to dive even further into the technology and become a part of the experience. Through a series of cameras and displays, viewers were able to immerse themselves in different forms of afro-realism art in real time, where the displays presented the viewer in different masks, sizes, and perspectives that were joyful to explore and create. In some cases, when you stood in front of the displays, your figure multiplied on screen. In others, your figure shrunk to tiny forms overlooking a giant artistic figure, while in others a mask appeared on your face that had different deep meanings within the culture. It was a truly innovative experience that captivated the audience through technology and imagination.

As we continued on throughout the corridors of Artechouse, accompanied by additional animations, music, smaller displays, and historical facts on the African culture, one thing was solidified in my mind: Artechouse is on the cutting edge of interactive art, continuing to push the boundaries of traditional museums and create a truly unique, interactive, and educational experience for those looking to explore the future of art. Kudos to Vince Fraser and Artechouse for bringing this unique twist on the African experience to life!


Ase is the power to make things happen and produce change. The

concept comes from the Yoruba people of Nigeria, and can be

used to describe the individual power that all things have, as a

verb commanding things into being, or as a mantra meaning "so

will it be."

Ase. Afro Frequencies manifests this concept through its

celebration of the historical, social, and cultural elements of the

Black experience. ARTECHOUSE created this immersive, interactive

exhibit in collaboration with Vince Fraser to amplify the artist's

voice, broadcasting the frequencies of Fraser's surreal

interpretations out of the past and into our current digital age,

giving a unique platform to the stories of the Black community.

This exhibit features designs inspired by African masks from

diverse regions as symbols of Black culture. Fraser also draws

inspiration from African kings and queens whose stories present

powerful figures and characters, reimagined in his surreal

universe, Each piece invites visitors to discover the cultural

diversity of the African continent and its connection to our world


The poet ursula rucker can be heard throughout the exhibit,

adding a powerful narrative to the visuals brought to life by

ARTECHOUSE Production.

About the Author:

ParlayMe Tech & NFT Reporter

Ben Yurcisin - I am a serial entrepreneur with a passion for creating community and helping brands discover and amplify their authentic voice through social media marketing. As founder of BeYu Labs - a web3 business focused on community and unforgettable events - I aim to explore the unique opportunities and potential presented by the rise of NFT culture and future of the internet as we know it. I spend my free time playing guitar, skateboarding, traveling and researching overpriced JPEGs.


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